This may be your dad’s favorite gift for Father’s Day

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Finding gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day is easy, but finding the right thing for Dad on Father’s Day is often a challenge.

While most kids settle for getting dad a new shirt or tie, getting something truly memorable can be a challenge.

Now, a popular American whiskey brand has just released a new gift for Father’s Day, and it could become your dad’s new favorite.

Fireball Whisky releases special edition golf club

Fireball is a popular whisky brand that just announced the release of a special-edition golf club just in time for Father’s Day.

The golf club has a unique feature, and Fireball Whisky calls it “The Fire Iron” club.

Not only is the new 5-iron club featured in the brand’s signature bold red color and a fun Fireball theme, but it also has a few spots to hold some Fireball shooters.

It includes Fireball’s signature dragon on the face of the club, a red shaft with matching grip leather, and compartments that can fit up to five 50 ml Fireball shooters.

While the club isn’t technically made to be playable, Fireball says it will make a great gift for Father’s Day and for any dads who appreciate a nice shot of whiskey.

The unique limited-edition club goes on sale Friday, June 7, and will retail for the affordable price of $24.99.

Fireball says that supplies are limited, but it’s not the first time the whisky brand has released some unusual items for special events or holidays.

The company released derby-themed hats that could fit large bottles of Fireball ahead of the 150th Kentucky Derby.

Fireball is produced by Sazerac Company, which is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

The derby hats included a hot lid hat tall enough to fit a 750 ml bottle of Fireball and a shorter hat that could hold several 50 ml Fireball shooters.

With its red and gold motifs, the hats featured fun details like feathers, floras, bows, plumage, and ribbons that were all inspired by the brand’s small batch dragon reserve bottle.

Smart marketing moves

Fireball’s decision to create unique products centered around its brand is a wise marketing strategy.

Danny Suich, Fireball’s global brand director, said the derby hats were made to “inject fun” into the annual horse race.

In a press release, Suich said, “Fireball thrives by injecting fun where it has otherwise been missing, and famed events like a certain iconic upcoming horse race provides the perfect opportunity to bring that spirit to life.”

As for the new club, Fireball has dubbed it “the first drinkable golf club” and says it’s not designed to be playable “because we respect legit 5 irons and your score.”

However, it would still make a fun and unique Father’s Day gift, especially if Dad enjoys a good game of golf and a nice sip of whisky now and again.

Interested buyers can learn more and purchase the club at once it goes on sale.

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