This liberal Mayor destroyed her city and now mocks citizens who don’t want to be there

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Woke elected officials have turned America’s top cities into dystopian nightmares. 

Crime and crumbling infrastructure have made inner cities unlivable.

Now this big city liberal Mayor just openly mocked the people who are avoiding her city because of her policies

Minneapolis Mayor insults remote workers

The Democrat Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, seems to think that people who work from home are “losers.”

The Mayor spoke at the Minneapolis Downtown Council’s annual meeting to try and praise the benefits of visiting and working in his city’s downtown area.

During his address, he said, “I don’t know if you saw this study the other day, what this study clearly showed… is that when people who have the ability to come downtown but don’t, when they stay home, sitting on their couch with their nasty cat blanket, diddlin’ on their laptop. If they do that for a few months, you become a loser. It’s a study. We’re not losers, are we?”

After the comments, the crowd broke into laughter.

Frey continued, “No we’re winners, we’re resilient, we’re tough, we’re strong, we’re innovative, we rise to the challenge, we get knocked down seven times and we get back up eight, that’s who we are as a city.”

Several office buildings and businesses in downtown Minneapolis have allegedly been abandoned since the COVID-19 pandemic as many companies have decided to shift to a new model that allows remote work for employees.

Mayor Frey urged the crowd to come back downtown, alleging that remote work has harmed the economy in his city.

“Come experience the greatness of downtown. Come back to work,” he continued.

The comments from Frey come after a December interview with the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, where he said that remote work had negatively affected downtown.

During the interview, Frey said, “It’s easy to forget all the things that you love about downtown when you’ve been sitting on your couch for the last two years watching Netflix.”

Meanwhile, news outlet FOX 9 asked the Mayor where the alleged study came from that he referenced in his speech. 

A spokesperson for the mayor told FOX 9 that Frey was merely joking, and the study wasn’t really real.

Frey faces backlash

As expected, Frey faced a lot of backlash for his insulting comments.

Freelance marketing professional Andrea Yoch, Chair and Co-Founder of Minnesota Aurora FC said, “I was in the crowd and have to admit that as someone who works for themself and mostly from home, didn’t love it. I come downtown plenty.”

Board President of Our Street Minneapolis, Laura Mitchell, said, “I wish MORE families (and people) had access to flexible work arrangements, not LESS. My family’s quality of life would take a huge hit if I didn’t have the privilege of a remote job.”

One user on X wrote, “I lost $20 because I paid for parking and lunch today instead of staying home and diddling on my laptop.”

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