This legendary rapper’s 180 might give you some hope that Trump Derangement Syndrome is ending

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It is encouraging to see people turn their lives around and open their minds.

We may be at the edge of a major cultural realignment.

And major cultural icons are making some mind-blowing statement about Donald Trump that may give you hope in 2024.

It could only go up from here

Back in March 2017, as Trump Derangement Syndrome was running rampant throughout Washington, D.C., Hollywood, and the media, rapper Snoop Dogg decided to get in on the act by releasing a music video in which he was depicted “shooting” a clown dressed as then-President Donald Trump.

Hilariously, he claimed at the time that he released the video because he felt “like it’s something that’s missing” and he was trying to “fill in a void” – as if there has ever, at any point over the past eight years, not been enough anti-Trump hate.

“It’s a lot of clown s**t going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into [for the video] like police, the President and just life in general,” he added at the time.

Snoop followed up the controversy surrounding that music video by releasing a new album later that November in which he was depicted standing over Trump’s dead body.

“The cover of the ‘Make America Crip Again’ EP shows the rapper looking on as a body covered with a U.S. flag lies on a gurney with a toe tag reading ‘TRUMP,’” the Associated Press reported at the time.

In a September 2018 radio interview, the rapper said that anytime he meets a Trump supporter, he tells them “straight up” that they are “racist,” adding that he believes the former President “drew the lines” by singling out individuals, though he didn’t provide any examples or explain how singling someone out is automatically “racist.”

Later, in the lead up to the 2020 election, Snoop revealed that it would be his first time voting because “I can’t stand to see this punk in office one more year.”

A turning point

But after the 2020 election transpired, Trump granted clemency to the co-founder of the rapper’s longtime label Death Row Records, Michael Harris, who was being forced to serve out the full 33-year prison sentence he was handed for attempted murder and non-violent drug charges, even though the alleged victim in his attempted murder charge recanted their testimony, admitting it wasn’t true, and that charge was dropped.

With Trump righting the injustice Harris was being forced to endure by being forced to serve what essentially amounted to a life sentence for non-violent drug offenses – serving as another reminder that the war on drugs is a failed, anti-human, Big Government endeavor – Snoop started to change his tune on the former President.

In a Zoom call with Alice Johnson, the then-65-year-old great-grandmother who had been imprisoned for over 20 years after being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for nonviolent drug offenses and was also freed by Trump, Snoop began to praise the former President and his administration for the “great work” they did.

“That’s great work for the President and his team on the way out,” Snoop Dogg said during the call, per The New York Post. “They did some great work while they was in there and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know that I love what they did.”

Now, in an interview with British publication The Times, Snoop is once again making it clear that he’s done a complete 180 on Trump.

“Donald Trump?” the rapper began. “He ain’t done nothing wrong to me. He has done only great things for me.”

During the interview, Snoop fully admitted that it was the former President’s decision to “pardon Michael Harris” that made him see Trump in a new light.

“So I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump,” he added.

“An insane cultural realignment”

These are the types of comments no public figure, much less someone reliant on Hollywood and the entertainment industry, would have ever made about Trump at any point over the past eight years.

Yet, Snoop Dogg isn’t the only public figure who has a new-found appreciation for the former President.

After WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had similarly positive things to say about Trump recently, conservative podcaster Benny Johnson declared, “we are witnessing an insane cultural realignment.”

While it’s undoubtedly premature to declare that the Trump Derangement Syndrome epidemic is over and that the biggest Never-Trumpers are suddenly going to start flocking to the Trump bandwagon, there is no denying that something is afoot.

And with celebrities like Snoop Dogg and The Rock suddenly feeling emboldened to finally admit that the big, bad boogeyman Donald Trump isn’t the monster they thought, there may finally be hope for the future of America on the horizon.

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