This Leftist thought leader was arrested just for an absolutely disgusting crime

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Progressives have a smug sense of moral superiority when it comes to social issues.

But the reality is that many of the leftist leaders are not as squeaky clean as they claim.

And now a former editor of a major leftist publication was just arrested, and the charges he faces are absolutely horrific.

The Recount former editor arrested on child pornography charges

The Recount is an online leftist publication that claims it cuts “through the noise” and works on “rejecting stale narratives” through video and print journalism.

Slade Sohmer is the now-former-editor-in-chief of The Recount, and he was recently arrested on charges of possessing and disseminating over 1,300 images of child pornography.

According to court documents, some of those images included toddlers.

Sohmer was released on $100,000 bail after facing two counts of possession and two counts of dissemination of child pornography.

Berkshire Assistant District Attorney Marianne Shelvey said that the images and videos in Sohmer’s possession involved children as young as 3 or 4 years old, and it’s “one of the most egregious cases” she has ever seen.

Authorities also obtained text chats that were allegedly from Sohmer, sharing how to kidnap and rape a child. 

Prosecutors say that the chats add “a level of extreme cruelty” to the case.

The 44-year-old was dismissed from his job at The Recount last month near the same time the Berkshire District Attorney started investigating the allegations. 

He now faces anywhere from five to 10 years in prison if convicted, although he has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Shelvy said, “Unfortunately, the nature of these charges do not allow them to ask that he be held without bail.”

However, Sohmer has been ordered not to come in contact with minors under the age of 18 and is forbidden from accessing the internet, although he was granted permission to use a cell phone.

An anonymous cyber tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children submitted in June, led to the search of Sohmer’s Massachusetts home in October.

That’s when officials discovered the videos and images of child pornography, according to the D.A.

Prosecutors stated that Sohmer not only possessed and disseminated the horrible content, but he also produced it. 

Previous dealings with children

Sohmer was once a summer camp counselor and director who went viral for his interactions with young children in 2018.

He posted a Twitter thread about visiting his mother’s fourth-grade class and also posted on Instagram showing photos of himself with young campers in the background.

The caption under the Instagram post said that he was “camp legend Slade Sohmer.”

Buzzfeed ran a story about Sohmer visiting his mother’s classroom in 2018.

Sohmer then posted several tweets saying that he was worried about telling the class of 10-year-olds that he lived with his boyfriend.

The Recount issued a statement regarding Sohmer’s firing, saying that the decision was made “following a company restructuring exercise in early October to focus on our editorial and commercial plans.”

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