This is proof that the city of Chicago has lost its mind

Photo by Chait Goli from Pexels

The illegal alien crisis in the United States isn’t getting any better, and in fact, it’s getting much worse by the day.

Many major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are now seeing a massive influx of migrants taking over.

And now there’s proof that one of the most liberal cities of all – Chicago – has completely lost its mind and is going to absolutely bankrupt its citizens to send virtue signals.

Chicago is paying illegals

A total of 41 buses have arrived in Chicago in the last week ratcheting up the number of illegals in shelters to 11,000, while 4,000 of them are sleeping on the floors of police stations or staying at local airports.

According to recent statistics, close to 30 percent of the illegals in Chicago are children, and most of them attend Chicago Public Schools.

The state has decided to fund temporary housing for the illegals, which includes covering the cost of rent for apartments and homes.

Shockingly, the state is now providing up to $9,000 in “rental assistance” that will cover six months of rental costs. 

The assistance includes helping people find homes, moving them in, and giving them a “starter kit” to help furnish the apartment.

Media outlets have reached out to officials to find out how many asylum seekers will be using the rental assistance, but there has been no response at the time of publishing.

Chicago’s deputy chief of staff Cristina Pacione-Zayas said, “The rent lasts for six months and ideally people would have started their legal process, secured legal work authorization and be able to sustain that apartment. And so the cost, or I guess the payment toward the landlord is based on market rate, it’s based on the configuration of the apartment – how many rooms, where it’s located – all those things. And so it varies from place to place.”

The city of Chicago has allocated $4 million to help migrants obtain temporary housing, and the state contributed another $38 million.

There are currently 30 to 40 case management workers from Catholic Charities working to secure temporary housing for thousands of illegal aliens.

Official records found that the rental assistance comes after the city already paid a medical firm a jaw-dropping sum of $7.2 million to staff shelters for just four weeks.

The invoices paid for over 400 employees who worked from April 22 to May 19, including a nurse who received $20,000 for a single week of work in December and another $16,536 for seven days of work in April.

Chicago reduced its hourly pay rates after reports of its December invoices were exposed, but even then, the lowest-paid rate staff were paid was $50 an hour.

According to Mayor Brandon Johnson, the rates were designed to cover other things including hotel rooms for out-of-town employees and administrative costs.

Chicago is bleeding money

Before the new rental assistance initiative, Chicago already spent $60 million on staffing shelters, including over one million dollars at the former Wadsworth School and $1.6 million for shelter staffing at the Inn of Chicago.

Mayor Johnson says he and several city council members are planning to visit the border. 

He said, “We need to go assess the situation. This is serious. And I’ve been saying it. I mean this ain’t the first time you’ve heard me say how serious this dynamic is.”

Residents of the city are outraged about the influx of illegals, particularly after city officials originally planned to turn a local park’s football pitch fieldhouse into a shelter.

Angry locals protested the proposal because it was a safe space for youth living in the city, and Chicago walked back its plans to use it as a shelter for about 200 illegal aliens.

Two years ago, Illinois declared itself the “Most Welcoming State in the Nation,” but now, current Governor JB Pritzker has begged President Joe Biden to keep illegals out of his state.

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