This group of Pro-Lifers are not quitting even after a devastating Ohio defeat

Photo by Victoria Akvarel from Pexels

The people of Ohio voted 56% in favor of enshrining abortion-on-demand up to the moment of birth into their state constitution.

Some Pro-Life groups are scratching their heads trying to figure out where their messaging went wrong.

But other Pro-Life groups are taking aim at Ohio leadership and are ready to take the fight to the next level.

Pro-Life advocates say their “hearts are broken”

On Tuesday, the state of Ohio held a statewide ballot measure to make abortion a constitutional right. 

The controversial amendment was approved by 56.6 percent of voters, making them the state to add abortion to their constitution. 

Abortion advocates celebrated, and Pro-Life advocates recoiled.

President of the Center for Christian Value (CCV), Aaron Baer, gave a press conference following the results of the referendum. 

“Our hearts are broken not because we just lost an election but because Ohio’s women and families will bear the brunt,” he said.

While Baer didn’t offer any productive ideas on how Pro-Life groups should respond—Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman made a major promise.  

“This isn’t the end. It is really just the beginning of a revolving door of ballot campaigns to repeal or replace Issue 1,” Huffman declared.

If Huffman wants to make an impact, he should consider working with this grassroots campaign.

“Pro-Life leaders are addicted to politician speak…”

Abolitionists Rising is a relatively unknown group of activists who are fighting to completely outlaw abortion. 

According to their website, they “spread abolitionist ideas through the creation and dissemination of digital content and print materials which destroy misinformation and lofty arguments…” 

Abolitionists Rising unabashedly describes abortion as murder and has an enormous following on YouTube and TikTok where they confront people in the public square. 

They perform sidewalk counseling on college campuses and in deep blue districts—and often get into heated arguments with people who are pro-abortion.

The group has long been warning that weak conviction in the Pro-Life movement is what stops people from supporting abolition. 

“Even after it’s over, they still speak like this. The pro-life leaders are addicted to politician speak and allergic to speaking like a Christian,” they wrote in response to CCV’s statement.

Abolitionist Rising says that the biggest problem with “pro-life leaders is that they are politicians, not activists.”

“Abortion supporters will face a far more formidable foe”

In a thread on X, they took aim at Pro-Life leadership and called them “stupid” for intentionally avoiding language that exposes “the self-evident horror of child sacrifice.” 

“Imagine being so stupid that when abortion supporters hide behind euphemisms like ‘choice’ to avoid the obviously heinous nature of the ‘choice,’ you let them hide their evil by focusing your activism on half legitimate claims about parents’ rights and women’s health,” they wrote.

Abolitionists Rising further criticized Pro-Life groups for choosing to believe “you can get a secularized and paganized society to reject abortion on their own terms apart from repentance and faith.” 

“The Pro-Life Movement is a real thing, and they do everything described above. Every volunteer minute spent with them is a waste of time. Every dollar donated to them is a dollar lit on fire.”

The group wants advocates for the life of unborn children to ditch the Pro-Life movement and join them in exposing the overt evil that is abortion.

Abolitionists Rising says, “…if enough people learn from pro-life stupidity and become abolitionists, abortion supporters will face a far more formidable foe in future abortion fights: the self-evidently heinous truth about abortion.”

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