This group of Americans have had enough and jumped into action to stop these looters

Photo by Lisa Fotios from pexels

Sharp increases in retail theft have forced businesses both large and small to close all over America. 

These businesses simply cannot afford to keep losing inventory to theft, not to mention the danger that these burglaries present to customers and employees. 

But this group of Americans have had enough and jumped into action to stop this smash-and-grab gang. 

These brave bystanders did what they could to prevent this smash-and-grab in progress

Smash-and-grab robberies have become increasingly common in America in recent years. 

These robberies typically entail a group of young people, typically in urban areas, who descend upon a store, smash display cases, and grab everything they can before fleeing. 

Thieves typically target luxury goods stores, given the high resale value of the merchandise. 

Recently, a video went viral showing a group of young thieves ransacking a high-end fragrance store called Perfumania at the Tanger Outlets in the Antioch neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Rather than watch the thieves loot the store, shoppers jumped into action, blocking the front entrance of the store until police could arrive. 

Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes of waiting for the police to arrive, the thieves managed to get out of the back door after smashing it open with a stepladder. 

Witnesses watched the thieves run out of the back before jumping over a fence and running towards Interstate 24. 

One witness named Preston spoke out to Nashville’s WSMV-TV about the matter, detailing this shocking smash-and-grab. 

According to Preston, “[They were] trying to run around the store, break into the cash register, break through the glass, get all the cologne out of the shelves and stuff.”

“The other people seemed really upset about it because they live in the area. They’re just upset that it happens so often,” the fed-up shopper added. 

Robberies such as this one have become a part of daily life for millions of shoppers, retail workers, and business owners all across America. 

These sorts of crimes have resulted in brick-and-mortar businesses shuttering their doors in order to prevent even more loss, as well as to protect customers and employees. 

In some cities, like San Francisco for example, lawmakers have completely altered the criminal justice system to protect thieves such as the ones involved in this robbery.

Rarely do criminals face accountability for their actions in these cities, allowing them to loot and steal with impunity. 

America’s retail theft problem could destroy the economy

Inflation has gotten out of control over the last several years, forcing Americans to pay more for less. 

Many factors have created this inflation surge, including out-of-control retail theft. 

Businesses struggle to cope with these thefts, resulting in widespread store closures. 

These store closures result in widespread job losses, lower tax revenues, and fewer shopping options. 

Instead of holding these criminals accountable, lawmakers in Democrat-controlled parts of America have found new and creative ways to protect them. 

Meanwhile, some District Attorneys, like Alvin Bragg of New York City, have devoted eye-popping sums toward attacking Donald Trump and his supporters. 

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