This giveaway from this Florida businessman is going to make the liberals howl

Photo by Specna Arms from Pexels

As the holiday season approaches, it’s not unusual for businesses to offer their customers special incentives.

And while many companies may offer discounts or free gifts with every purchase, other businesses go even further.

Now, one Florida business owner is giving his customers something truly amazing that will ensure their holiday this year is unforgettable.

Florida roofing company gives away AR-15 rifles

Jason Polly is the owner of Roof EZ, a roofing company located in Cape Coral, Florida.

This year, Polly decided to offer customers something new: If they buy a roof, they’ll receive a free turkey for Thanksgiving along with an AR-15 to “protect your family.”

Speaking with Local 10 News, Polly said, “The world’s a crazy place right now and they can get a roof and an AR-15 for protection on both ends, why not?”

The giveaway was announced on the company’s Facebook page, stating that customers who purchase new roofs under the “Roof & Gobble” promotion will receive a free AR-15 and a turkey.

Polly said, “I actually saw this idea, a company actually did it in Alabama. I figured, hey, we’re in Florida. This is the most Florida thing you can do. Let’s do it.”

Customers who want to participate in the holiday deal must follow the same rules they would if they were buying a new gun themselves.

Polly said that all customers must pass a background check and then they can come and pick up their gun approximately three days later.

According to the Roof EZ website, it is a “proud veteran-owned and operated company.”

Jason Polly is making it clear that the promotion is important, telling Wink News, “Everybody needs an AR-15. Every homeowner needs to have an AR-15 to protect their family, and everybody thinks it stands for assault rifle. It doesn’t. It’s [an] Armalite rifle, so I know we’re gonna get some kickback on, ‘Hey, you’re giving away AR-15 guns?’ Well, we’d like to promote gun safety for your entire family.”

A few residents were shocked about the promotion and said that AR-15s are dangerous weapons often used in mass shootings.

However, others supported the promotion, and one man told Local 10 News that “Everybody should have one.”

A promotion about fundamental rights

The AR-15s given to customers are from a local Cape Coral gun store that also operates a shooting range.

The gun store says it will provide free shooting training to anyone who obtains their AR-15 from the roofing company promotion.

Polly says the whole idea of the promo is to support peoples’ fundamental constitutional rights.

“If someone has the means to buy a roof, they have the means to go buy their own firearm. They’re just buying a roof and supporting our Second Amendment right. I support everybody’s First Amendment right…They can reciprocate and respect my Second Amendment rights.”

If a customer does not want the free gun, Polly says that his company will deduct $500 from their bill instead.

Polly said that after two business days, he had already sold eight roofs and had another 50 inquiries about the promotion.

He also said during a normal month, they sell between 30 to 50 roofs, but he’s hoping the special holiday promo will help his company sell between 60 to 100.

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