This giant marsupial got loose on the field, and the crowd went nuts

Photo by valkrye131 , CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Things get chaotic when wildlife meets sports.

But even though it might not be fun for the critter, it sure makes for some good television.

When this critter appeared during this televised football game, absolute chaos ensued.

Thank God for sports

In today’s day and age we all need an escape from reality.

Because if you get stuck in what’s going on in the real world, you’re just going to have some awful thoughts rolling through your head.

We have skyrocketing inflation, unfettered illegal immigration, and criminals running rampant.

You name the topic and odds are things aren’t going so great on that issue for our nation.

So that’s why many give thanks for sports – it is one way to get your mind off of current events.

And thankfully for Americans, we have many great sports to ease our minds.

Most of us can’t get enough football in our lives this time of year.

Once that fall breeze hits, we all know that it is about time for the pads to hit the gridiron.

We also have baseball which is as American as apple pie.

And few things are more entertaining than a men’s college basketball game.

But if you want to add to the level of entertainment value to a sporting event, just add some wildlife to the occasion.

Who can forget when Randy Johnson massacred a pigeon live during an MLB game with his fastball?

Or how about when a dog ends up on a track during the middle of a race?

And it seems like every year an alligator interferes with a PGA tour stop.

It’s not just fiction with Happy Gilmore, but alligators are frequent guests on the green.

But spectators were entertained with another animal making its presence known during a game.

Playing possum

During a highly anticipated matchup between TCU and Texas Tech last week, the players were greeted by an unsuspecting critter that found its way out onto the field.

The game came to a standstill as a possum ran across the field like he owned the place.

Security was sent scrambling trying to find a way to get the wondering critter off the field.

Ultimately, the possum was captured by a guard with a leash poll.

But if the entertainment with the possum on the field wasn’t enough for spectators, the possum became a social media sensation as it was getting dragged off the field.

Just look at some of these posts on social media.

That possum didn’t want to leave.

Now we have seen other critters like squirrels out on the field, but this is a first for a possum.

Hopefully this year’s college football season can be blessed with more of mother nature’s furry friends ending up on the football field.

Because college football is great.

But when you add a furry critter on the field, it is pure entertainment that no one can turn off.

Are sports better with unexpected animals out on the field?