This former Obama official is publicly wondering if Democrats should continue being the “anti-Christian” Party

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Woke leftists now dominate the power structure of the Democrat Party.

One thing about radical progressives is clear to most people: they do not tolerate anything less than 100% allegiance to their anti-Christian beliefs and have started publicly attacking all Christians as dangerous “Christian Nationalists.”

But this former Obama official just publicly attacked this strategy because it will make it impossible for Biden to be re-elected.

Christian nationalism is a “counterproductive” term in politics

Michael Wear is the CEO of the Center for Christian and Public Life and a former advisor on faith to Barack Obama. 

Last week in Richmond, Virginia, Wear took on the position of keynote speaker at an event held at Hill City Church called “The Spirit of Our Politics.”

The speech covered the current political climate, including its impact on American spirituality, Christian nationalism, and the importance of the demographic to Democrats. 

Wear described the Left’s recent obsession with Christian nationalism as “counterproductive,” saying that people don’t use it properly.

The CEO said that he believed that the number of Christian nationalists that were using the term to “promote political violence” is “marginal.” 

And anyone who champions political violence should not be labeled as a Christian.

The point that he hoped to hammer home is that politics are hurting Christianity in America.

Politics should be “within and under the Gospel”

Wear warned that political leaders and ideologies are turning into an idol for the American people, and it’s not productive for people of faith. 

“Politics is causing great spiritual harm, and the big reason for that is that Americans, including many Christians, are going to politics to get their spiritual needs met,” he said.

The Christian leader went on to say that some churches are becoming “politics-sorting churches” that seek only to build up their congregation with people who have the same political values—not spiritual values. 

“We need to have a view of politics that is not over the Gospel or outside and irrelevant to the Gospel, but a view of politics that is within and under the Gospel,” he said.

Wear believes that churches need to leave politics at the door and put Jesus at the center. 

“When Jesus is at the center, Jesus naturally attracts people of all kinds of views and backgrounds,” he said.

Post-Christian campaigning is a “losing strategy”

Wear believes that Democrats have largely shifted their focus away from Christians in recent years, citing the campaign strategy of Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

“I had heard from someone close to the Clinton campaign that one of their senior advisers boasted they would run the first post-Christian campaign,” he said at another event in 2018.

Wear described that as a “losing strategy.” 

The Democrats seem to have forgotten that “70 percent of Americans consider themselves to be Christian.” 

“Maybe that is aspirational from their perspective, but what kind of data-minded campaign looks at a country…and says we are going to run the first post-Christian campaign?” he asked rhetorically.

Wear suggested that Joe Biden had gone a different direction with his campaign in 2020, but he’s not sure what will happen in 2024. 

“I will say, I think Biden had a significant improvement over Clinton’s support among Evangelicals,” he said. 

However, he’s not sure Biden’s record will “sustain” that improvement over Clinton after his first term, which was focused on radical pro-abortion policies.

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