This far-Left group just said four words that would have led to the arrest of a Republican

Photo by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The Left always likes to portray itself as inclusive and tolerant while attacking their opponents as racists.

They have gone as far as accusing Republicans of hate speech not because of anything the GOP said, but what the Left thinks they wanted to say.

But now this one far-Left group just ran a political ad, that said four shocking words that would have put a Republican in jail.

“All skinfolk ain’t kinfolk”

Black Voters Matter Action PAC is a group that has received millions of dollars from George Soros’ super PAC, according to FEC filings.

The group just ran a radio ad on a local R&B station in Kentucky against Daniel Cameron, a Black Republican who is running for Governor and is currently the state’s Attorney General.

The ad disparages Cameron, referring to him as an Uncle Tom.

In the radio ad, a voice says, “What’s up Kentucky? It’s election time, and all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk. Over the past few years, we’ve taken to the streets to demand racial justice, to demand healthcare, and the right to make decisions about our body. And now, Uncle Daniel Cameron is threatening to take us backwards, the same man who refused to seek justice for Breonna Taylor wants to run our whole state.”

It continues, “We can’t let that happen. We won’t let that happen. On November 7th vote Andy Beshear for governor.”

Beshear, the current governor of Kentucky, is a White Democrat.

In response to the ad, Cameron accused Democrats and other far-Left organizations of using “racist attacks,” just because he does not support their views or policies. 

Cameron also called on Governor Beshear to condemn the ad. 

In a statement, Cameron said that he believes in his state, “You should not be judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of your character. The same cannot be said of Joe Biden, out-of-state, radical Left interest groups, and the national Democrat Party, who think you can’t be Black and conservative.”

Cameron also made it clear that he “never faced racism or discrimination while working or growing up in Kentucky until I decided to stand up to the national Democrat establishment.”

He also noted that he doesn’t support their policies, so they have decided to attack him based on his skin color.

“These racist attacks have been happening for years and the media has either enabled or ignored them,” he said, referring to a political cartoon published in the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper that depicted him in a racist way.

No condemnation

Perhaps even worse than the language used in the recent radio ad, is Beshear’s response to it.

When he was asked about Cameron’s request to condemn it, Beshear’s campaign said that the ad came from an “African American-led PAC, so we’ll let them comment for themselves.”

Cliff Albright, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Action PAC, defended the ad and even went so far as to say that calling Cameron Uncle Tom “would probably be more of an insult to the actual Uncle Tom.”

He also said that Cameron is “against” the Black community, mostly due to his decision not to charge the officers who were involved in the highly publicized Breonna Taylor shooting in 2020.

Cameron’s campaign told Fox News Digital that Albright’s defense of the ad and his comments were “disgusting.”

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