This electric vehicle fire just shut down a major highway for three hours

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexel

The Biden Administration just won’t rest until they force everyone into an electric vehicle (EV), but most Americans just are not going along.

When they first came out, people fell in love with the high-tech Tesla because it was new and cool.

But one Tesla just caught on fire and ended up shutting an entire highway down for three whole hours.

Tesla fire closes Illinois highway

A Tesla caused a highway in Bethalto, Illinois to shut down for nearly three hours after it was heading northbound on Route 255 in Bethalto when its battery caught fire, and the vehicle pulled over.

Firefighters responded to the scene and tried to not only put out the fire but also to prevent hazardous materials coming from the battery from making the problem worse.

The occupants safely escaped the Tesla, and firefighters battled to put out the fire, which was coming from the lithium-ion battery located under the vehicle.

Not long after firefighters arrived, they realized they needed more water to extinguish the flames, so they called for assistance from the Meadowbrook and Rosewood Heights fire departments and a tanker truck.

The Madison County Hazmat Team was also called to the scene to help.

According to officials, they said the car was moving when it caught fire, and the battery reached “thermal runaway,” which occurs when the energy released from a fire increases the total temperature output.

Verisk Analytics, Inc. reports on data and risk assessment and noted that although EVs don’t catch fire as often as gas-powered vehicles, EV fires can burn up to 1,000 degrees hotter per a report released in August 2023.

A statement from Verisk said, “This means that if an EV catches fire, it can pose a greater risk to the other objects around it – like other EVs or cars in a parking garage or a nearby building.”

Bidenmobile battery fires can create a chemical reaction that can potentially reignite just minutes or hours, sometimes even weeks, after the initial fire is extinguished.

Water can spread contaminated runoff, while the battery typically produces dangerous, toxic fumes from heavy metals, including lithium cobalt.

Those fumes and chemicals can enter the surrounding environment through the air or water runoff.

A challenging new world

EV fires pose new challenges to fire departments since they not only take much longer to put out but also require a lot more manpower and special equipment.

Some fire departments may have a more difficult time than others putting out these types of fires based on the resources available to them.

Fire crews reopened the northbound lanes of Illinois Route 255 almost three hours after the car was removed from the scene and taken to a nearby parking lot.

Firefighters say they followed the tow truck to the lot just in case the Tesla reignited while it was en route.

Bidenmobile battery fires have ignited major debates regarding not just the safety but the actual sustainability of these vehicles.

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