This data shows Americans are not being fooled by the leftist media’s lies about the economy

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The Biden Administration and their cronies in the mainstream media keep feeding the narrative that the U.S. economy is improving.

But as more and more people are losing economic ground, this narrative is falling on deaf ears.

Americans are seeing right through the blatant lies of the media when it comes to America’s economic health.

The media and Americans aren’t on the same page

Normally, a report of major growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would elicit tremendous confidence in the nation’s economy.

However, the increase in real GDP of $1.5 trillion doesn’t tell the whole story, as the increase in public debt is over $2 trillion.

Yet again, the math simply isn’t “mathing,” especially when personal savings as a percentage of disposable income was just 3.7% in December, while overall disposable personal income has essentially been stagnant since 2017.

Today’s American consumer is buying less, saving less, and making nearly the same amount of money they were several years ago.

And while the GDP might have increased, most Americans have not seen a real tangible reduction in inflation whatsoever.

Credit card debt is also at an all-time high as Americans take longer to pay their balances in full.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis report “Share of Americans in Financial Distress Reaches High Levels,” the rate of people in financial trouble due to credit card debt is now at the same level as it was during the Great Recession.

The real truth about the U.S. economy also becomes clear when you look at the Gross Domestic Income figure, which demonstrates why most Americans see the economy as already being in a recession.

The annual growth of the real gross domestic income figure is at -.01%.

Not only is credit card debt skyrocketing as savings dwindle, but the cost of shelter is rising above 5%.

Many of the economic problems that America faces today are a result of “public stimulus,” which has resulted in higher and more taxes, lower growth, higher debt, and weaker real wages, along with a much more difficult economic environment for small businesses to thrive.

The truth is revealed

Even as the White House and the mainstream media continue to tout an improving economy, the actual truth is much different.

A recent CBS News poll found that six out of every ten people polled rated the economy as “fairly bad” or “very bad.”

The country’s economic policies are not in line with American families and small businesses, who feel high rates of inflation the most profoundly.

As inflation soars, businesses feel their margins shrink, and the heavy burden of U.S. monetary policy continues to be on the shoulders of small entrepreneurs and the average American worker.

Despite the government’s plan to redistribute wealth to try and help the middle class, the bloated national debt and increasing size of government are, in reality, doing quite the opposite.

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