This Dallas Cowboy cheerleader just revealed something that made US troops in Korea take notice

Photo by Dirk DBQ, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders have been an iconic  part of the NFL for nearly 50 years. 

This group of cheerleaders work hard to reach the pinnacle of the cheerleading world and have to maintain high standards to stay there.

But this Dallas cheerleader may have revealed something extra when she was with US troops in Korea.

Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders complete South Korea USO Tour

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders recently completed a United States Organization (USO) Tour of South Korea.

During the tour they entertained the troops with dance performances, put on youth cheer clinics, and attended meet and greets.

Team member McKenzie spoke to Fox News and described what the trip meant to her and what it revealed about being an American.

McKenzie explained trips like these are important reminders of the frivolity of daily life – tens of millions of Americans live and die with NFL Sundays.

But she noted the truth is there are men and women willing to die so everyone can pretend like football games are life-changing events.

“I think it’s easy to take being an American and being free for granted, just because we’re in the hustle and bustle of our day jobs and staying busy,” McKenzie stated.

McKenzie said traveling abroad to meet the troops also reveals the sacrifices their families make as they uproot and move to foreign countries so they can live with their spouses.

“But I think the moment that we’re able to slow down, and the Cowboys were supporting us on this journey and this tour, you see these people. They’ve left their families. A lot of families moved with them to South Korea, and it became a whole family affair,” McKenzie added. “It’s not just the people serving [who] are making the sacrifices.” 

McKenzie continued, “It affects so many people down the line. But just watching them in uniform, learning about the service dogs or learning about the equipment that they use, it just gives you a better perspective about what it means to be free and what these people do so that we can be free.”

USO trips greatly affect the troops and those who perform

USO trips were first made famous by legendary star Bob Hope, who led them yearly until 1990.

McKenzie said these trips change those who travel to put on a show to bring a moment of levity to the troops’ lives.

“I tell people that there’s you prior to the USO tour and experiencing what military life is like from the inside and then you after,” McKenzie told Fox News.

Anyone who performs for the military walks away awe-struck at the sacrifice these heroes are willing to make.

“I really, firmly believe that anyone who can get the opportunity to go leaves as a changed individual. You have a greater appreciation for your freedom, for the sacrifice that these people make, but also for their diverse backgrounds and the fact that they have a common dedication to safeguarding our freedoms and all that they do for us,” McKenzie stated.

“In a few words? I say this experience was humbling, rewarding and life-changing,” McKenize remarked.

McKenzie did admit that being affiliated with the Cowboys made the trips easier since sports are one of the few institutions left that still seems to unite Americans.

“The best thing about sports is that it brings people together,” McKenzie declared. 

“That’s our common ground. They recognize the star in our uniform or our jacket, and that’s an easy way to break the ice. And you have some Cowboys fans there. You have fans of other teams or not even football fans at all. But the main theme is that they know who the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are. They’re excited to see us. And it’s always fun to start with the sports icebreaker and then . . . get to know people better from there,” McKenzie concluded.

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