This business leader’s courageous endorsement of Trump will make you want to shop at his store

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

No doubt about it, Donald Trump is a contentious figure in American politics.

Most public figures are skittish to endorse Trump because they are afraid of being canceled by the media or face a boycott from leftist militants.

But Donald Trump was just was endorsed by one of America’s largest retailers’ founders, and it may signal a major shift in the election.

Trump receives an endorsement from Bernie Marcus

Bernie Marcus is the 94-year-old founder of Home Depot and Job Creators Network, and he’s well-known for being a major conservative donor.

Marcus announced that he’s giving his full endorsement to Donald Trump and encouraged Republicans to focus their resources on attacking Joe Biden, instead of each other.

The businessman has been one of the biggest donors and influencers in politics and philanthropy for decades.

He made the endorsement right after the third Republican primary debate, which had a surprisingly small audience along with plenty of criticism.

The Republican National Committee has continued having televised debates, despite Trump’s refusal to participate.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to maintain a double-digit lead over his GOP opponents. 

According to Marcus, the debates were “unproductive and embarrassing,” particularly due to Trump’s ability to remain the frontrunner despite his absence.

In a RealClearPolitics op-ed, Marcus wrote, “Let’s face it: Donald Trump is going to win the nomination. You should be doing all you can to ensure his winning the general election. I understand the frustration of some of my Republican friends who do not like or are offended by things Donald Trump does and says. I, too, have been frustrated at times, but we cannot let his brash style be the reason we walk away from his otherwise excellent stewardship of the United States during his first term in office.”

Marcus went on to write that he endorses Trump “not only because he has the best chance of winning the general election but because he is the best person to take on and dismantle the administrative status that is strangling America.”

He continued to talk about the ongoing problems in the Middle East and praised Trump’s ability to keep peace worldwide.

Marcus makes an urgent message

According to Bernie Marcus, “America’s enemies respect and, more importantly, fear Donald Trump’s judgment, strength, decisiveness, and courage.”

He implored people from all parties to “put their love for America above all else. I urge the Republican National Committee to end the Republican debates that only benefit ad makers and political consultants.”

The post-debate comments and the endorsement of Trump could signify that many disaffected Republican donors who once hoped for an alternative candidate, may need to concede to a Trump nomination.

With the Iowa caucuses scheduled to take place in mid-January, some candidates may end up with little to no resources by the time the nominating contests begin.

It remains uncertain who will emerge as the final nominee, but endorsements like this one, only add fuel to the fire of Donald Trump’s campaign.

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