This bill is clawing its way through the Virginia legislature, cat owners are ripped up about it

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The Virginia legislature will do nothing to protect little kids from being mutilated by trans activists, but they are stopping this “injustice.”

Yes, the Virginia legislature focused its efforts on some bizarre issues that don’t solve anything.

And the Virginia legislature just passed legislation that is clawing its way through the process and has cat owners scratching their heads.

Hundreds of bills are filed for consideration by the Virginia General Assembly every year, most never get a hearing or are taken seriously.

And while some of them even take on important issues, far too many of them are just more state control over Virginians and downright bizarre.

Take House Bill 1354, for example.

The bill, if signed into law by Governor Glenn Youngkin, would prohibit veterinarians from declawing cats unless necessary for therapeutic purposes.

Cat scratch fever

Introduced by Delegate Marty Martinez (D-Loudoun), the bill imposes state regulations and laws on what should be an easy decision made by pet owners.

In January, Martinez told the House Agriculture Subcommittee that his bill would allow the state Board of Veterinarians to strip the licenses of those vets who perform the procedure if they determine it’s warranted.

The bill was pushed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). 

PETA’s Daphna Nachminovitch claimed declawing goes beyond the removal of the nail to amputate the first digit of every paw. 

She went on to say it can cause behavioral issues and leave cats defenseless if they manage to escape outside.

“When I worked at an animal shelter, a lot of the cats declawed were brought to us as biters because they felt very defensive not being able to use their claws,” she said.

But Susan Seward with the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association said an increasing number of veterinarians already no longer perform the procedure unless there has been an injury to the animal.

Another unnecessary law

That fact begs the question – why pass the bill at all?

It is simply just another Democrat move to impose state control over people for the most mundane of things.

Martinez said there are some exemptions to the declawing prohibition, like if the cat has a condition that requires the removal of claws. 

Cats could also legally be declawed in cases where the feline’s owner has a condition such as hemophilia or HIV, and a physician recommends the procedure.

There was opposition to the bill.

Delegate Buddy Fowler (R-Hanover) said the bill is a real problem for people who want to declaw their cats to stop them from scratching and destroying things.

Or for those cats who scratch children and even adults.

“I’m concerned about a lot of people who may no longer want to have cats as pets if they cannot do that,” he said.

But Martinez said he and his wife made the “biggest mistake” when they decided to declaw their first cat, who he says was “never the same” after the declawing.

 It sounds like Martinez decided his personal experience should mean all cat owners have to abide by his personal feelings about cats.

Maybe Fowler is on to something dogs are much better pets anyway.

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