These two illegals just exposed how liberal policies will destroy the rule of law

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Decent citizens know you don’t just take what you want.  It’s not just morally wrong, it will make it impossible for us to have nice things, like stores.

Yet that doesn’t always stop criminals from doing whatever they want, and they should face serious consequences once they’re caught, because that’s what protects society.

But these two illegals just got a pass for doing something that should have gotten them deported and exposed the danger to society that liberal policies are bringing.

Two illegals steal thousands of dollars of merchandise

A pair of newly arrived Venezuelan illegal aliens were caught red-handed after stealing almost $2,000 worth of clothing from a Macy’s store. 

The illegals Abel Barrios-Estava, 20 and Rafel Mata-Torres, 25 were both arrested and charged with burglary and retail theft in DuPage County, Illinois.

Both men reside in Chicago, and they allegedly stole approximately $1,700 worth of clothing from the Macy’s store in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Police officers responded to a retail theft call, where they identified Barrios-Estava as allegedly stealing around six pieces of clothing with a value of over $300.

Once they attempted to detain him, he broke free and fled on foot across 22nd Street. 

Fortunately, officers were able to detain him and take him into custody after a brief foot chase. 

Normally, when someone runs from a police officer, they are also charged with fleeing and eluding, which is typically a felony in most jurisdictions.

The officers also arrested Mata-Torres, who is accused of stealing 13 pieces of clothing from the Macy’s store valued at over $1,400.

Yet after the pair was charged with one count of burglary and one count of retail theft each, both illegal aliens were released on bail and given electronic ankle monitoring.

Illinois is a sanctuary state, which means that it prohibits local law enforcement from turning criminal illegal aliens over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents so they can be deported.

Under normal circumstances, the average American citizen would be charged and jailed for the same crimes and would likely have to pay exorbitant fines, perform some type of community service, and serve potential jail time.

But this duo was freed on bond and told they were not allowed to enter any Macy’s store.

A local spokesperson for the county said, “The Oak Brook Police Department continues to proactively combat all forms of organized retail theft, and aggressively pursue offenders. Through our continued collaboration with retail loss prevention agents and the DuPage State’s Attorney’s office, we can effectively investigate, arrest, and prosecute these criminals.”

Theft is a growing problem

Theft and stolen goods are becoming a huge problem for major retailers and small businesses alike across the nation.

According to the National Retail Federation, retail theft cost businesses over $112 billion last year.

That total is up from $96 billion in 2021, and the losses can cause serious financial hardships not just for the businesses but also for their employees.

Massive theft is also part of the cause of higher prices for shoppers, while also creating crucial tax revenue losses for local communities. 

For now, the illegal duo has a court date scheduled for November 20, but they’ll remain free in the meantime.

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.