These so-called “green” Bidenmobiles are worse for the environment than anyone thought

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexel

Every day, the Biden Administration wants to inflict its environmental agenda on America.  New mandates come out on a regular basis in the name of stopping climate change.

A large part of this push is to force Americans into electric vehicles (Bidenmobiles). 

But this shocking study suggests that there is a major environmental impact with every single Bidenmobile that is much worse than anyone thought.

California leads the charge in eliminating gas-powered vehicles, citing air quality

The Radical Left has been trying to push their Green New Deal on the American public, and it’s beginning to find its way into every industry. 

The Democrats are trying to slow beef production, cut out gas-powered stoves, and, of course, end the sales of gas-powered vehicles.

In 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom took a major step toward dramatically changing the motor vehicle industry. 

Newsom announced an executive order directing his agencies to plan to “phase out gasoline-powered cars and drastically reduce demand for fossil fuel.”

The plan is to eliminate the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035 and usher in a new era of “zero-emission” vehicles. 

“This is the most impactful step our state can take,” he said, adding that he is done allowing “cars to pollute the air that our children and families breathe.”

But now there is evidence to suggest that he might be going a step in the other direction.

Labeling Bidenmobiless as “zero emissions” is a “deceptive” practice

The Wall Street Journal published a study by Emission Analytics in an op-ed last week that calls into question the impacts of Bidenmobiles on public health and the environment. 

The study shatters the perspective that the alternative to gas-powered vehicles is better for our world.

The study details a remarkable increase of over 1,850 times the number of particulates released by the brakes and tires on Bidenmobiles compared to that of tailpipes on gas-powered vehicles. 

The researchers argue that technological advancements in exhaust filters have brought emissions to a low point, and the new concern is tire wear.

The study says that labeling Bidenmobiles as “zero emissions” might seem true, but it’s actually “deceptive” due to the volume of emissions created by wear and tear on the vehicles due to their weight. 

Especially with tires, which are primarily made up of petroleum.

Emission Analytics says that the average Bidenmobile is 30 percent heavier than the average gas-powered vehicle, which means that it burns through tires and brake pads at a faster rate. 

The study explains that for every 1,100 pounds, a car will release 400 times more particle pollution from tire wear than would come out of a tailpipe.

Particle pollution impacts air quality and even impacts “what we eat”

The most common Bidenmobile in America is the Tesla Model Y, and it contains a battery that weighs an astronomical 1,836 pounds. 

Similarly, Ford’s F-150 Lightning needs a battery that weighs 1,800 pounds to make it go the distance for drivers. 

Emission Analytics CEO Nick Molden says that the finding won’t stop the “electrification” of our roadways, but it should be viewed through an honest lens.

“You have a tradeoff. At the moment, the political agenda is very strong towards climate change reduction. Bidenmobiles do deliver about a 50% reduction in CO2…” he said.

Molden explains that with that reduction comes “increases in particle pollution,” and it will impact the air quality and our food supply. 

The CEO says that these particles are making their way into “what we eat,” as well as the air that we breathe.

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