These sick parents wanted to “transition” their children, but this judge smacked them down

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Too many liberal parents are excited when their children want to have surgeries to change their biological sex.

Fortunately, some states are not allowing this type of madness to allow minors to make this life altering decision.

And now a judge just gave the smackdown to some parents who thought they could get away with allowing their children to medically “transition.”

North Dakota judge upholds state ban on gender transitions for minors

The state of North Dakota passed House Bill 1254 in April, which makes it a felony for healthcare providers to perform gender transition surgeries on minors.

The law also makes it a misdemeanor to prescribe or give hormone treatments or puberty blockers to children.

If convicted, those breaking the law can receive up to 360 days in jail and $3,000 in fines.

Three families and a pediatrician recently tried to sue and get a preliminary injunction that would temporarily block the law from being enforced.

But District Judge Jackson Lofgren denied the temporary restraining order that was requested by the plaintiffs, saying he would not immediately block the state ban.

An official hearing for the preliminary injunction will not be held until January.

Gender Justice’s Brittany Stewart, the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said, “We’re disappointed in this ruling, but we are confident that when all the evidence has been presented, the court will ultimately find that ending the health care ban permanently is the only just, equitable, and constitutional resolution.”

According to Lofgren, the plaintiff’s “nearly five-month delay” in filing the complaint and their argument based “upon inclusion in a protected class not previously recognized by the North Dakota Supreme Court or a new application of state constitutional principles,” is what led to the ruling. 

The plaintiffs claimed that the new statewide restrictions on hormones, puberty blockers, and surgery for children violate the constitutional rights of transgender youth.

Those who support House Bill 1254 say that it protects children from the irreversible effects of these surgeries and treatments.

Opponents argue that these restrictions harm transgender youth, saying that they are at a higher risk of dealing with depression, self-harm, and suicide.

The debate continues

Brittany Stewart says that healthcare providers think the clause is too vague, and therefore, they are not willing to risk dealing with the legal repercussions.

The families who are suing are now traveling out of state to provide gender transition treatment to their children.

North Dakota isn’t the only state that has passed similar laws that restrict gender transition treatment for children.

Other states including Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, and Maine have also seen judges put a hold on enforcing similar bans.

Federal appeals courts in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky initially paused enforcement but have since allowed the bans to move forward. 

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