These old school FBI agents have just issued a terrifying warning to Congress

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America is being inundated by an unrelenting wave of illegal immigration.

While the media “experts” are turning a blind eye to the problem, many more are speaking out.

Now several former FBI experts have come together to issue a very ominous warning to Congress about the crisis America could be facing very soon.

FBI is warning Congress of threats to America

Americans are extremely concerned about the toll that mass numbers of illegal aliens will take on the country.

And some of the FBI’s most experienced retired executives have come together to issue an ominous warning to Congress.

Ten former FBI executives, many of whom oversaw the bureau’s criminal, counterterrorism, intelligence, and training operations, sent a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, and the chairmen of the House and Senate committees that oversee U.S. Intelligence and Homeland Security sectors.

The letter echoes the concerns of current FBI Director Christopher Wray, who publicly testified that the country’s security lights are “blinking red.”

Part of the letter reads, “In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland, and, yet, one is unfolding now. Military-aged men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands – not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane but rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted.”

It also says that it would be “difficult to overstate the danger represented by the presence inside our borders of what is comparatively a multi-division army of young single adult males from hostile nations and regions whose background, intent, or allegiance is completely unknown.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson says that the letter “is further confirmation of what we already know: President Biden’s open border policies are increasing the risks of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.”

He also said that these types of unprecedented threats require “transformational policy changes immediately to secure the border and end the administration’s mass release of illegals into our country.”

Johnson emphasized that House Republicans are determined to hold out for a deal that would close the border entirely.

A “sobering” letter

Top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee Ron Johnson took to the social media platform X, writing that the letter was “sobering” and that it “describes the chilling reality of why @POTUS’s open border is a clear and present danger to America.”

Kevin Brock, former Assistant Director of Intelligence and former Principal Deputy Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, helped to organize the letter.

Brock said it was limited to ten signers “due to its urgency” but that it “reflects the sentiment of many more former FBI Agents and executives who expressed to us a shared deep concern about this particular threat to the nation.”

The signers emphasized that the decision to send the letter was not political but that it was supported by their experience fighting hostile foreign threats, which has led them to believe the border crisis is one of the most dangerous threats they’ve ever seen.

According to the 10 FBI executives, the letter was written “to express our concern about a current, specific threat that may be one of the most pernicious ever to menace the United States.”

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