These leftist activists were caught flat-footed when this patriot fought back

Photo by Anthony Caruso, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The modern-day Democrat party has become George Orwell’s thought police. They want total control over what you do, say, and even think.

They have gotten so brazen during the Biden administration, they think they can get away with anything.

But this one American patriot fought back against these goons, and they could not wait to apologize.

Trump administration official targeted in wake of January 6 media hysteria

It’s been nearly three years since January 6, and conservative Americans are still paying the price for the events that occurred that day. 

In the wake of the protest, a massive public relations campaign was carried out against the people that showed up to show their support for election integrity.

Thousands were hunted down by intelligence agencies, and many were incarcerated in a modern-day gulag in Washington, D.C. 

Millions of American patriots were labeled terrorists by the corporate media and the radical Left. 

This has led to a chilling effect on public expression and the First Amendment of the constitution.

One of the people that was affected by this smear campaign was fitness industry leader Jim Worthington. 

Worthington served under Trump on the Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. 

The entrepreneur owns two athletic organizations in the state of Pennsylvania.

Radical Left Democrats did everything they could to ruin him and his businesses.

Worthington’s business faced a petition that alleged he wanted to “overthrow the government”

Worthington was among those that were accused of being “insurrectionists” by the Left. 

The business owner was relentlessly smeared by Democrats in his state, and one activist accused him of “funding buses” to send conservatives to Washington, D.C. to “overthrow the government.”

Worthington was a major talking point for former Congressional candidate Ashley Ehasz, who repeated the false claims about him during her political campaign. 

The entrepreneur was also subjected to a “petition” that “not only resulted in a torrent of hatred and threats . . . but also did significant damage to [his] business, the Newton Athletic Club.” 

Worthington was pushed to the edge and ultimately, he decided that he was ready to fight back against the radical Left activists that were seeking to destroy his public image. 

That’s what led him to file a lawsuit for defamation against Gregory Bullough, the creator of the petition.

What happened next sent a message to Americans everywhere—don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

Activist admits that he “never believed” what the petition implied

The courts ordered both Bullough and Ehasz to retract their original statements and issue an apology. 

The apologies were made public earlier this week.  In a statement provided by Bullough, he admitted that “the bus trip was not organized for the purpose of supporting or facilitating violence or illegal activity at the Capitol.” 

Bullough said that he “never believed” that this was the purpose of his efforts to bring people to the Capitol and that he regrets that his petition “was interpreted” in this way. 

As part of the settlement, Bullough was ordered to donate to the Newton Athletic Club’s charity, Have-a-Heart Foundation for ALS.

Ehasz echoed the sentiment of her digital advertising agency, Foglamp Digital, who was also ordered to issue a public apology. 

Foglamp said they are “sorry that Mr. Worthington has had to take legal action to vindicate his good name and reputation” adding that he “deserves to have the record cleared.”

Ehaz simply said that she “agree[s] with the entirety of Foglamp Digital’s apology” and that she shouldn’t have used his name in marketing content for her campaign.

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