These illegal aliens are lying through their teeth, and the left is rewarding them for it

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Joe Biden’s bumbling open border policy is allowing millions of illegals to flood the U.S.

But Europe is suffering their own crisis as the invasion of formerly well-off Western nations are flooded with people looking for handouts.

Officials just figured out that illegals were using this loophole to sneak into their country, and it is probably happening in the U.S. too.

Half of “child” illegals in the UK are actually adults

In Europe, many illegals will claim to be children since it improves their chances of the UK government giving them asylum in Great Britain.

But it turns out that nearly half of all asylum seekers since 2020 who claimed to be children in the UK were, in fact, adults.

The problem has reached such a boiling point that a stunning 45 percent of illegal aliens claiming to be kids were really adults, reaching a total of 3,944 cases.

There were 1,582 cases of illegals falsely claiming to be children in 2022, compared to 227 a decade prior, according to the Migration Watch UK report issued by the publication The Sun.

The same report found that 887 asylum seekers, at least 52 of whom were over the age of 30, lied to border officials and said they were children just between January and September of 2023 alone.

But the nations of origin in the UK are quite different than they are in the United States.

Most of the fraudulent illegal aliens were from Afghanistan with 1,361 cases, Iran with 612 cases, and Sudan with 550 cases. 

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch chairman, said, “That so many still go for this ruse, even when they obviously look much older, tells me it’s a deception that often works.”

In Britain, minors are given increased welfare and other protections when compared to their illegal adult counterparts, and they also have a much higher chance of being allowed to remain in the country.

One well-known example from 2020 occurred after a “child” migrant who “looked 40” was still placed with teenage schoolchildren in the area of Coventry, England.

A parent at the time said, “He’s got a receding hairline for God’s sake.”

After this recent shocking report was revealed, a Home Office spokesperson claimed that they are “strengthening the age assessment process.”

Criminal gangs and trafficking are prevalent

Another report issued by the left-wing Labour Party found that criminal gangs who transport illegals across the English Channel from France have received almost half a billion pounds since 2018.

The report discovered that 114,300 illegal aliens have crossed the English Channel since 2018 and pay smugglers around 4,000 pounds per trip, on average.

This totals nearly 457,288 pounds of profit for the criminal gangs, who typically operate in France and Britain.

Britain’s Labour Party has vowed to start cracking down on the human trafficking networks, but it also opposes measures that would help deter more illegal immigration. 

The Conservative government proposed a plan that would send illegal boats carrying migrants to Rwanda instead of giving them hotels and shelter in Britain.

All of this should be a warning sign to America of what could happen here if we don’t get leadership in office that will stop the bleeding. 

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