These eco-warriors are creating an ecological catastrophe

Photo by Lars Plougmann, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Self-appointed eco-warriors always believe they know what is best for the environment.

And they are always happy to use your tax dollars and the power of government to force you into EVs, and take away your stove and refrigerator in their quest to “save the planet.”

But their latest push for “green energy” is creating a disaster that they refuse to own up to.

Offshore wind is harming marine life

A group of 100 marine scientists started a campaign to stop oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico in 2022, citing worries that it could impact a rare whale species.

While it’s true that oil spills can kill whales and other marine wildlife, vessel strikes and underwater noise from oil and gas development are much more dangerous.

Now, many whale advocates are saying the massive push for offshore wind power projects along the East Coast is another serious threat to whales.

Yet extreme environmental groups like Earthjustice celebrated when the Inflation Reduction Act passed, since it gave large federal subsidies to offshore wind companies.

The mainstream media is downplaying worries about how offshore wind is adversely impacting whales, portraying it as nothing but a political move from conservatives.

The Associated Press even called the concerns about whale safety “unfounded” and said that there was “no evidence that limited wind farm construction on the Atlantic Coast has directly resulted in any whale deaths, despite politically motivated statements suggesting a link.”

And the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that offshore wind projects could “adversely affect” whales, but that it would “not seriously harm or kill them.”

Lisa Linowes, co-founder of the Save The Right Whales Coalition, said that whales can become disoriented and temporarily deafened by loud underwater noise and could end up “straying into one of the nearby lanes, traffic lanes, shipping lanes.”

There is a link between offshore wind development and an increase in deaths of the now-endangered North Atlantic right whale, which is something you’d think hardcore environmentalists would be concerned about.

Linowes said the AP’s decision to dismiss recent whale deaths is likely linked to the money the outlet receives for its reporting on the environment.

At the bottom of the AP article, it says that “less reliance on fossil fuels” can solve climate change and how it impacts whales.

When you look closer, the AP has received millions of dollars in funding from organizations like the Rockefeller Foundation, which says it is working to solve climate change by transitioning away from fossil fuels with more “renewable” resources like wind and solar.

Wind energy is not eco-friendly

Bob Stern President of Save LBI, another whale advocacy group, said there are several ways the offshore wind industry is hurting whales.

Vessel surveys using noise devices “spreads down into the water, and can affect the whales and other marine life,” said Stern.

He and others believe that this is what caused a rash of dead whales to wash on shore in New Jersey last year.

The pile driving used to build foundations for wind turbines also produces “a significant amount of noise,” Stern continued.

Even the wind turbines themselves, which are quite large and imposing, can also cause issues for the marine mammals, and Stern says, “It’s not just a New Jersey problem.”

For now, the Left will continue to push their pro-wind-power agenda, but it will be at the cost of the very animals they used to claim they wanted to save.

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