These brazen New York City criminals just stole $58K worth of luxury goods all in broad daylight

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

As Soros-backed DAs have decided not to prosecute criminals in the name of “equity,” crime is starting to run rampant, but it is much worse in major cities.

In the Big Apple, brazen criminals who know they have a get out of jail free card will snatch anything that is not chained down.

Now some bold criminals just stole around $58K worth of luxury goods in New York City, and they did it all in broad daylight.

Three robbers steal from Manhattan Gucci store

A wild video shows the moment three robbers stole close to $58,000 worth of luxury bags in an armed heist at Manhattan’s Gucci store.

The video was released by the NYPD and shows two men and a woman walking right into the luxury retailer, located on West 14th Street in the Meatpacking District, in the middle of the day.

One of the criminals held a gun in one hand while pointing his other hand at employees, telling them to get down on the floor.

Then, the trio grabbed as many items as possible, with one robber shoving several high-end handbags into a brown sack.

Another robber grabbed even more items along with two rolling suitcases. 

Once they had more than enough items they could carry, they ran out of the store with armfuls of stolen goods, as one tripped and fell on the way out the door.

The criminals got away with close to $58,000 worth of luxury goods, walking right past people on the sidewalk as they scrambled to get to their getaway car – a black Honda CRV, which set off for New Jersey through the Lincoln Tunnel.

As of the time of publishing, the suspects were still on the loose, and NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny says the FBI is handling the case.

Kenny said, “We’re looking into a crew that might possibly be doing this out of state as well.”

One of the two cars involved in the robbery has been recovered by the police, although Kenny said he can’t say whether it was the same vehicle seen in the footage.

The Gucci store closed its doors for the entire day on the day after the incident.

The following morning, retail workers and residents spoke to The New York Post, saying that these types of thefts are so commonplace that they aren’t surprised. 

A 25-year-old employee at a Bleeker Street business named Aldai Lamason said, “They’re even stealing from the baby store across the street from us. They just come in and cut the security cords and we don’t even notice until they’re outside. They’re professionals, they’re smart, they’re one step ahead of everyone.”

Theft is “happening everywhere”

Lamason told The Post that they’ve stopped putting merchandise in their windows.

“We display everything and it makes us an easy target because they can like walk by and scope it out and see what they want to take and then just come in and take it. We should keep it all in the back,” he said.

Another retail worker, Mariel Snyder, just moved to New York City from Denver, Colorado.

She said that these types of retail crimes are “happening everywhere.”

“I’m not surprised anymore. I don’t know if there are enough charges after they’re caught. Maybe that is the problem? But I guess that’s getting too political,” she said.

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