There is another crisis at the southern border, and this Republican just exposed it

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

Democrats love to posture and claim they are the only people who worry about pollution and the environment.

But when causes they support create an inconvenient truth that it is reeking environmental damage, they often just ignore reality.

Now one GOP member just pointed out the pending ecological catastrophe at the country’s southern border.

Congressman seeks to address trash at the border

Illegal aliens are crossing the nation’s border in record numbers, and with these crossings, come untold amounts of waste and garbage.

Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin is fed up with the trash, and he just introduced new legislation that would address these environmental concerns.

Illegals have left millions of pounds of trash near and on the southern border, much of which is federal public lands.

The bill is titled the “Trash Reduction and Suppressing Harm from Environmental Degradation (TRASHED) at the Border Act.”

According to Tiffany, “If it’s eight pounds of trash and we’re up to nearly 10 million people, that’s 80 million pounds of trash that have been dumped here in the United States of America. But as we all know, the immigration situation, the illegal immigration that’s going on with the open border has affected us in so many different ways.”

The lawmaker said that he’s also seen the sheer volume of trash himself.

In a press release, Tiffany wrote, “Having seen the litter of trash, clothes, and human waste on our federal borderlands firsthand, I can tell you that the environmental damage of President Biden’s open border needs critical attention. While the Biden administration turns a blind eye to the environmental consequences of illegal immigration, the TRASHED Border Act ensures there is greater transparency and accountability for illegals who litter on our public lands.”

Official data shows that approximately two million people who attempted to enter the U.S. illegally through Canada or Mexico in fiscal year 2023, have been arrested by Border Patrol agents thus far.

Many critics of the administration’s immigration policies have referred to the issue as a “crisis” and an “invasion.”

Tiffany said, “There’s also this component of where they’re trashing, including our federal lands that are down on the southern border. I think there’s about 40% of our southern border that is federal lands, including national parks. I chair the Federal Lands Subcommittee, and we want to highlight there’s damage being done in that way also.”

Other lawmakers agree

Congressman Tiffany is not the only lawmaker who feels that there is a serious environmental disaster going unnoticed on our nation’s border.

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Bruce Westerman (R-AR), said, “The Biden border crisis is an unmitigated disaster, resulting in trash piled up in sensitive habitats and environmental degradation all along the southern border.”

Westerman said that he has seen the “alarming conditions firsthand” and that the problems “have deteriorated precipitously since.”

The TRASHED Border Act would require the U.S. Forest Service and the Department of Interior to implement protocols that will mitigate the accumulation of trash and the destruction of wildlife habitats along borderlands and sites that are associated with illegal immigration.

It also says that federal land managers must report on the total amount of trash and environmental degradation caused by illegal border crossings, and it doubles fines and penalties for illegals who contribute to the problem.

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