There is a host of damning allegations floating around this Supreme Court Justice

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Following the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer in 2022, Joe Biden pledged to select a black woman for his replacement – no matter what. 

Biden made good on this race-centric promise. 

But now there is a host of damning allegations floating around this Supreme Court Justice. 

This complaint against Ketanji Brown Jackson could derail her professional future

After just a year and a half on the bench, Ketanji Brown Jackson has already cemented herself as one of the most radically far-left justices to serve on the United States Supreme Court. 

So far, Ketanji Brown Jackson has served as a rubber stamp for the Joe Biden Administration, which nominated her specifically for her race and gender rather than her merits. 

However, shocking allegations have emerged following a groundbreaking ethics complaint filed against Ketanji Brown Jackson on behalf of the Center for Renewing America.

According to Fox News, the Center for Renewing America filed the complaint “about a month ago with the Judicial Conference – the governing body of federal courts – alleging that Jackson “willfully failed to disclose” required information about her husband’s malpractice consulting income for more than a decade.”

Russ Vought, who serves as the President of the Center for Renewing America, issued a statement saying, “We are hopeful that the Judicial Conference takes a long, hard look at the ethics concerns surrounding Justice Jackson and ensures there is not a double standard for justices.”

He added, “While the Left has made it a sport to attack the character of conservative Supreme Court justices, they’ve turned a blind eye to actual indiscretions and appearances of corruption actively happening.”

In the letter, which has since been referred to the Financial Disclosures Committee, Vought claims “We know this by Justice Jackson’s own admission in her amended disclosure form for 2020, filed when she was nominated to the Supreme Court, that ‘some of my previously filed reports inadvertently omitted’ her husband’s income from ‘consulting on medical malpractice cases.”

Although the accusations made in this complaint are alarming, few legal experts believe they will result in any meaningful repercussions for Ketanji Brown Jackson, especially given the near-evenly nature of both houses of Congress. 

The accusations against Ketanji Brown Jackson reveals the broken nature of federal politics in today’s world

Typically, the accusations levied against justice Ketanji Brown Jackson would send shockwaves across the political world. 

However, in today’s political climate, these accusations fail to even make it on the news docket on many mainstream media platforms. 

If the accusations against Ketanji Brown Jackson are true, then House Republicans could pursue further investigations; however, it is highly unlikely that enough votes could come together for any significant legal proceedings such as impeachment. 

However, this complaint does increase the pressure against Joe Biden, his administration, and his political allies who are facing a great number of questions from House investigators, among other entities. 

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