The woke crowd banned this school mascot until the voters got involved

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Leftists are always inflicting their views on everyone, even when no one is offended.

But not everyone is sitting back and letting the leftists dictate how people should run their lives.

You will be cheering when you see how this group of citizens told the self-appointed woke crowd to get bent.

PA school board revives Warriors logo

A community in Pennsylvania is now reclaiming one school’s popular mascot, just two short months after five new school committee members won their elections and promised to run on pro-Native American platforms.

In a 7-2 vote, the Southern York County School District (SYCSD) board will allow Susquehannock High School to bring its traditional Warriors logo back.

According to Native American culturalist and historian Andre Billeadeaux, “This vote was the Lexington & Concord moment in the effort to defeat cancel culture.”

Billeaudeaux had lobbied on behalf of the logo, which features a traditional image paying homage to the indigenous people there.

Each of the seven votes in favor of reviving the logo was from members who were elected since a previous board voted to remove the logo in 2021.

The North Native American Guardians Association (NAGA) helped to present its case at the board meeting.

In a statement, the group said, “The SYCSD school board stands as a role model and blueprint for other communities fighting for their Native names and imagery.”

Five of the newest school board members were elected after the sudden removal of the popular logo in 2021, which was done in an effort to cancel the region’s rich Native American history.

Jennifer Henkel, a parent and one of the new board members, told Fox News Digital, “This movement was about erasing Native American culture and I wasn’t about to stand for it.”

Henkel and the other four new school board members had never run for elected office before.

However, not everyone is happy about the new electees.

Former school board member Deborah Kalina wrote a guest editorial about the new members, which was published in the York Daily Record.

Part of the editorial reads, “They came into their new positions with bravado to push their personal agendas, and not with humility to learn their jobs.”

School alumna, mother, and Native American Katy Isennock is also unhappy about the decision, saying, “To put the mascot away is respect for the past, for the present and for the future.”

Cancel culture tries to rewrite history

According to Henkel, she was motivated to join the board not just because of the negative effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns but also because of the cancel-culture effort made by locals to rewrite history and rile up public sentiment against the Warriors logo.

The school board’s diversity committee wrote a 2021 study that noted, “Current research findings demonstrate that there is no evidence that the Susquehannock Indians lived in or around the municipalities that comprise the Southern York County School District.”

However, the report isn’t in line with centuries of known local history, when European explorers wrote about the Susquehannock people as early as 1608.

Many historians believe the tribe lived in the area several centuries before that.

The issue in Pennsylvania is reminiscent of when powerful D.C. lobbyist groups fought to end the Redskins name, a popular Washington, D.C. NFL team that is now called the Commanders.

But in this small Pennsylvania town, it appears that cancel culture lost the battle.

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