The US just announced it has a new bigger bomb as global tensions escalate

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Joe Biden has done everything he can to show the world that the US is no longer the global superpower.  

Our weakened position has set into motion a series of events that is destabilizing everything.

Now everyone is scratching their heads, wondering what is happening because Biden’s DOD just announced this new weapon is ready to be unleashed.

The world is in chaos following radical initiatives in the military under Biden

The United States has long been seen as a leader in military strength around the world.

Over 1,000 military bases at home and abroad give us the ability to rapidly respond and support our allies in times of war. 

The US military is the great equalizer for the rest of the world.

Our military has been playing a supportive role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict in Eastern Europe for nearly two years. 

Now after the Hamas attack on Israel, it seems we’re moving towards supporting Israel in a new conflict in the Middle East. 

Under Donald Trump, our military was feared and respected by our adversaries. 

The Biden administration has turned our military into a diversity hire program and driven down enlistment with woke initiatives. 

This is leading to a world in total and complete chaos.

Perhaps that is why the Pentagon is now making this major announcement. 

Department of Defense is responding to “rapidly evolving security environment”

The Department of Defense (DOD) unveiled new plans last week to develop a new B61 gravity bomb that will dwarf previous versions used in WWII. 

If Congress approves the funding package, then the bomb would be created under the purview of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). 

The DOD says that it’s crucial to develop new weapons to meet the “demands of a rapidly evolving security environment.” 

John Plumb, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, announced the plan in a press release on October 27. 

“Today’s announcement is reflective of a changing security environment and growing threats from potential adversaries. The United States has a responsibility to continue to assess and field the capabilities we need to credibly deter, and…respond to strategic attacks…” he said.

The national security expert says that the move is a “reasonable step” towards managing an environment that carries with it “dynamic” threats.” 

Plumb says that the development of the new gravity bomb, will give our military “additional flexibility” but not “increase the overall number” of nuclear weapons.

This powerful weapon has been under consideration for some time.

New gravity bomb will have a yield 24 times greater than the one dropped on Hiroshima

The new gravity bomb would be named the “B61-13” and would use the same warheads as the earlier B61-7 version, while using the casing and tail kit of a B61-12. 

The B61-13 variant will be approximately 24 times stronger than the one used in Hiroshima during WWII. 

The maximum yield would be 360 kilotons. 

The DOD says that they’ve been reviewing these plans for months and now are just waiting for the budget to be approved.

The news comes on the heels of the Russian withdrawal from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty—a nearly three-decade-old treaty that banned intentional nuclear explosions and created a system to keep tabs on nuclear development around the world.

Russian military assets participated in a nuclear strike drill following their withdrawal. 

The increasing threat of nuclear warfare is growing steadily by the day. 

Now the Pentagon is making it clear, that the US will be prepared to meet any threat.

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