The U.N.’s latest demand has taxpayers everywhere sweating bullets

Photo by Wilfried Huss, Public Domain via Wikimedia

History has shown that bigger government usually equates to fewer rights for the average Joe. 

In today’s world, the many layers of government usually lead to confusing and unproductive policies, which often hurts people in the long run. 

And the U.N.’s latest demand has taxpayers everywhere sweating bullets. 

This proposal has many Americans outraged with the United Nations

Rarely have additional layers of governance helped individual citizens, and more often than not, these entities deprive individuals of their liberties in the end. 

The United Nations, for example, has done little to help the average American.  If anything, the United Nations has given America’s enemies a stage to spew vitriol and hatred. 

Just last Monday, the United Nations observed the U.N. International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery, issuing an official statement on the matter. 

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, an avowed socialist, said, “Descendants of enslaved Africans and people of African descent are still fighting for equal rights and freedoms around the world. Today and every day, we reject the legacy of this horrific crime against humanity.”

He added, “We call for reparatory justice frameworks to help overcome generations of exclusion and discrimination.”

These calls for reparations come as some parts of America consider giving black residents astonishing sums for so-called slavery reparations.  

The city of San Francisco, for example, made international headlines after black residents demanded that the city give them $5 million each for slavery reparations. 

However, any credible historian can point out that San Francisco and the state of California never allowed slavery, entering the union as a free state in 1850. 

Moreover, the state of California never had racial separation laws or any other state sanctioned discrimination. 

Nonetheless, San Francisco has made it their mission to bend to these demands, establishing a commission to review these reparation proposals.  

Although nobody has received any reparations yet, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors released an eight-page apology this week, groveling for San Francisco’s alleged role in perpetuating racism. 

The apology started with, “The San Francisco Board of Supervisors offers its deepest apologies to all African Americans and their descendants who came to San Francisco and were victims of systemic and structural discrimination, institutionalize racism, targeted acts of violence, and atrocities.” 

The United Nation’s calls for reparations show how the far Left has hijacked this institution

Following the devastation of the Second World War, the allied powers established the United Nations to prevent another world war. 

However, it did not take long for radical leftists to hijack this institution, using its authority to punish the United States and the West every chance it gets. 

The recent remarks about reparations serve as a powerful example.  

As war rages around the world and many nations approach famine, the United Nations has focused astonishing time and resources to advocate for reparations, which punish people for events that happened hundreds of years ago. 

Moreover, many experts agree that millions of slaves remain all across the globe, many of whom are trafficked over America’s wide-open southern border with Mexico. 

However, the United Nations and the Joe Biden Administration have done little to nothing to prevent this modern-day slave trade. 

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