The radical Left will never admit their biggest fear about Mike Johnson becoming Speaker

Screenshot via YouTube, CSPAN

The GOP had a rough month finding a new Speaker of the House.

The Democrats lapped it up and enjoyed mocking the GOP at every twist and turn.

But they are secretly terrified that Mike Johnson is the new Speaker for a reason they will never say out loud.

Republicans finally find an A+ Pro-Life House Speaker in contentious fight

House Republicans finally have a new Speaker after cycling through several different candidates in recent weeks. 

Most Americans were on the edge of their seats, as they watched the lawmakers struggle to come up with a candidate that met the America First ideals of the new Republican Party.

The only people that seemed to enjoy the dysfunction were Radical Democrats that had retribution on their mind. 

Nancy Pelosi commented that she felt “sad” for the House after a vote rejecting Rep. Jim Jordan and suggested that Republicans “take a lesson in mathematics and learn how to count.”

Now House Republicans found their man, Rep. Mike Johnson from Louisiana. 

Johnson has an A+ rating from Susan B. Anthony for Pro-Life America and a moderate 74 percent Liberty Score from the Conservative Review

The conservative Christian has the Radical Left concerned, and they’re beginning to show it.

Jen Psaki rhetorically asks, “How threatening can this guy be?” before clip of Johnson

Over the weekend, former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki took aim at Mike Johnson in a monologue on MSNBC. 

Psaki started by apprehensively praising the new speaker, before diving into her biggest issue with the conservative. 

“At first glance, Mike Johnson does seem fine. Fine-ish? Conservative, yes. But he once started a civility caucus with a Democrat. And, I mean, if nothing else, he wears a suit and has glasses,” she said, seemingly forgetting about Democrat John Fetterman’s normal attire.

Psaki continued wondering out loud, “How threatening can this guy actually be? Well, he gave us a little clue as to how he would govern in an interview this week.”

Then the former Biden staffer played a clip of Johnson explaining his worldview. 

“I am a Bible believing Christian. Someone asked me today in the media, they said, it’s curious, people are curious, what does Mike Johnson think about any issue under the sun? I said, well, go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it. That’s my worldview,” Johnson said.

This is exactly what the Radical Left doesn’t want to hear.

Psaki clambers to attack Johnson’s “religious fundamentalist” position

Johnson’s comments about having a Biblical worldview sent Psaki into a tailspin that was quite revealing. 

“You heard that, right. The Bible doesn’t just inform his worldview. It is his worldview,” she explained to her audience.

“In fact, during his first speech in his new job, Johnson suggested that his election was speaker was an act of God. Talk about a humble brag there! So what exactly has God apparently called on Mike Johnson to do” Psaki wondered.

The leftist went on to explain that Johnson’s a “religious fundamentalist” and that Americans should be prepared for Biblically inspired legislation to be heard. 

This might just be exactly what America has been waiting on since January, when Republicans took back control of the House of Representatives.

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