The Mother of Laken Riley breaks her silence to let America know what has kept her family together during this trial


Laken Riley was only 22 years old when she was murdered by an illegal alien in February.

This murder outraged many Americans who are fed up with Joe Biden’s lack of action on controlling America’s border.

But Laken’s mom just broke her silence and shared something powerful that has kept her family together.

Americans are struck by the tragic death of Laken Riley

After the tragic death of Laken Riley took the country by storm in February, many were caught up in the details of the incident. 

Americans are fed up with the unmitigated disaster on our southern border that has led to an influx of violent criminals in our country.

The harder pill to swallow for so many following this story is the absence of coverage by the mainstream media and the lack of comments by high-profile Democrat lawmakers—including President Biden. 

People want to know that Riley is remembered. 

People want to hear her name.

But one name you haven’t heard much of is Allyson Phillips, Riley’s mother. 

But now Phillips is making headlines after she wrote a social media post that tells America exactly how she is feeling in the wake of her daughter’s tragic death. 

This is what she says has gotten her through it all.

Laken Riley’s mother encourages people not “to lose faith in mankind”

Phillips gave the country a little more faith last week with a heartfelt post on Facebook seeking to share her perspective with her friends, and it quickly spread on social media. 

The heartbroken mother said the incident was “the most devastating, unimaginable loss that anyone could ever be forced to endure.” 

Phillips says that through all the challenges, one thing came to her aid: her faith and love for Jesus Christ. 

“I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for being with me and my family during this heartbreaking time,” she wrote in the post.

Circumstances like this can challenge our worldview and make it “really easy to lose our faith in mankind,” she said. 

But Phillips saw an “outpouring of love” that was so large she could only “give Him all the glory for getting us through this.”

It’s a true testament to the community of the Church, and Phillips wants to “encourage everyone to have a personal relationship with Jesus.”

A personal invitation to a relationship with Jesus

Phillips also extended a warm appreciation to the community and leadership at Woodstock City Church. 

In comments following the celebration of life the following day, she wrote that the lead Pastor, Samer Massad and another by the name of Chris Kim, showed true devotion to Riley and her memory.

“Both of them are true definitions of love,” she wrote.

Phillips went on to say that the “ceremony would not have been possible without [their] church community.” 

“They spent endless hours planning every detail so that we would show our family, friends and community the remarkable life that Laken lived,” she continued.

Phillips reminded her friends that her daughter’s relationship with Jesus was the most important thing in her life, and the best way to truly honor her memory is to get closer to Him. 

“Her love for our Lord, Jesus was so infectious and helped many people develop or expand their relationship with our Lord and Savior,” she said.

Phillips encouraged new and current members at Woodstock City Church to come sit with her at future services. 

This is exactly what being a part of a Church is all about—community and love for the Lord.

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