The Left is furious that MSNBC just got called out over their glaring bias

Screenshot via Youtube, HBO

The legacy media has long since given up any presence of being fair and balanced. 

Often, the Left will resort to falsehoods using mainstream media to give them credibility because they will do anything to prevent another Trump Presidency. 

But they just got called out on this show and it has leftists fuming.

The radical Left relies on the mainstream media to perpetuate their radical agenda

For quite some time now, the mainstream media has advanced the agenda of the radical Left and their hand-picked social justice causes. 

However, some networks have gotten so biased that many experts liken them to state media for the Biden Administration.

Among these networks is MSNBC, which almost exclusively broadcasts the agenda of the far-left. 

Last Friday night, MSNBC’s reputation as a mouthpiece for the far-left came into focus on HBO’s program Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher hosted MSNBC host Ari Melber and author Andrew Sullivan, who had a heated discussion over MSNBC’s journalist integrity. 

When discussing the future of Donald Trump and American Democracy, Sullivan claimed, “When you lose that core legitimacy, you lose democracy, that’s where we are really going to lose our democracy, because we don’t believe in it anymore.”

Sullivan then argued that such an erosion in democracy opens the doors for “strongmen” like Donald Trump to take power. 

Melber retorted, “I think you make fair points, but you sound a little bit both sides-y.”

Without skipping a beat, Sullivan shot back with, “You know what would be good at MSNBC, is if you actually did think about both sides and weigh the arguments and make constructive arguments against that side while respecting them.”

He added, “You don’t do that.  It’s propaganda all the time!”

Sullivans response elicited cheers from the crowd and prompted host Bill Maher to move on. 

MSNBC has come under fire lately for sporting record low ratings, which many media experts attribute to their extreme far-left bias. 

To make matters worse for MSNBC, the network routinely demonizes Donald Trump and his supporters, further alienating potential viewers. 

As it stands, MSNBC lags far behind Fox News when it comes to viewership and continues to lose viewers as more and more people turn their backs on cable news. 

Most Americans have no desire to tune into networks such as MSNBC

With several exceptions, the mainstream media overwhelmingly leans Left, causing many Americans to tune out from news stations like CNN and MSNBC. 

More Americans than ever before get their news from social media platforms that they trust and prefer. 

The Joe Biden regime and leftists across the globe loathe this shift in media consumption, causing them to invest heavily in so-called “misinformation prevention.” 

More often than not, these attempts to silence “misinformation” are nothing more than censorship schemes, forcing people to get their information from sources approved by the Biden Administration. 

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.