The horrifying reality of political prisoners in the United States is finally sinking in

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The United States once stood for freedom around the world by opposing dictatorial regimes.

But under the Radical Biden administration, they are persecuting political opposition in new ways.

Now the horrifying reality of political prisoners in our country is starting to show real world impacts.

J6 defendants are still left in a DC gulag over 1,000 days later

January 6, 2021 started something that most conservative Americans could never have imagined. 

Tens if not hundreds of thousands of people showed up to the U.S. Capitol to protest what they believed to be nefarious actions to remove Donald Trump from office and put Joe Biden into power.

The protest eventually turned chaotic, and violence between the citizenry and the Capitol Police ensued. 

That led to the halting of the electoral vote count and debate from Republican lawmakers that had questions of their own. 

The Capitol was evacuated and in no time at all “MAGA Republicans” were deemed a terrorist threat to the country by the media.

Now over 1,000 days have passed since that political catastrophe, and we’ve seen the overt weaponization of federal law enforcement against conservatives across the board. 

January 6 defendants are still being held in a Washington, D.C. gulag, and they’re becoming void of all hope.

The following is just one example of how that weaponization is destroying lives in this country.

Army veteran woke up to “flashbang grenades” and “pounding at the door”

William Chrestman is a 49-year-old Army Veteran from Kansas City, and he was one of the thousands of people that showed up to protest the electoral vote count on January 6. 

The military vet proudly served his country for four years as a combat medic and had no criminal record until that fateful day.

Following the outcry from the media and the radical Left, he followed countless reports of people being arrested for their involvement. 

While Chrestman began to worry that he might end up in the same position, he never could have imagined what was about to happen in his life.

Eventually the government would charge him with six separate felony charges. 

Chrestman was charged with Conspiracy, Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, Obstruction of Law Enforcement During Civil Disorder, and Threatening a Federal Officer—just to name a few. 

On February 11, 2021, Chrestman says he was woken up with “flashbang grenades, pounding at the door, [and] all kinds of squad cars parked . . . in [his] lawn.”

The veteran never left the Washington, D.C. gulag during his trial, and now the consequences are being applied nearly 1,000 days after his arrest.

Chrestman is losing his home, and his children are no longer living with his wife

Chrestman made the difficult decision of entering a plea agreement after being held for 33 months in pretrial detention in the Washington, D.C. holding facility. 

The agreement will see the father of five imprisoned for no less than 4 years and three months on the conviction of Obstructing an Official Proceedings. 

Now after being held for nearly three years, Chrestman’s family is on the verge of being homeless. 

Chrestman’s legal bills have been insurmountable, and their only hope is receiving donations on Give, Send, Go. 

His wife is being forced to sell their home, and his children have moved in with other family members. 

All of this heartbreak because the former Army medic decided to stand up for what he believed on January 6.

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