The country’s most famous football player took advantage of Biden’s green tax credits

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As per tradition, this year’s Super Bowl had all eyes on several of the nation’s most famous football players.

As it turns out, one of the most well-known of those NFL players isn’t just into sports – he’s also jumping into filmmaking.

Now it was just revealed that America’s most famous football player was able to take advantage of green tax credits from Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

Travis Kelce enters the filmmaking fray

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is not just a popular football player, he’s also dipping his toes into the world of entertainment.

While some people thought President Joe Biden would get an endorsement from Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift during the Superbowl, something completely unexpected happened.

It turns out the football player is taking advantage of Biden’s renewable energy tax credits to finance a film.

The film, entitled My Dead Friend Zoe, stars Natalie Morales, Ed Harris, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Morgan Freeman and is slated to be an indie hit at SXSW.

Kelce is serving as an executive producer and an investor in the low-budget dark comedy movie.

The tight end and his fellow producers are the very first people to take advantage of provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act to help finance a film.

Purportedly, the movie cost less than $10 million to make.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy website, The Inflation Reduction Act claims to be “the single largest investment in climate and energy in American history, enabling America to tackle the climate crisis, advancing environmental justice, securing America’s position as a world leader in clean energy and manufacturing and putting the United States on a pathway to achieving the Biden-Harris Administration’s climate goals, including a net-zero economy by 2050.”

The movie used money generated by green energy entrepreneur Mike Fields’ sale of surplus tax credits.

Fields is also a producer of the film.

Producer Ray Maiello, who is the former head of business affairs at Netflix and runs California-based Radiant Media Studios, said, “Hollywood is risky, right? On a scale of one to 10, Hollywood, it is a 9.5. Especially in terms of independent film. These federal tax credits take the risk down to like a five.”

Another movie is in the works

My Dead Friend Zoe isn’t the only movie that Kelce, Maiello, and Fields are planning to finance using the same strategy.

The trio is also working on a Jean-Michel Basquiat documentary called King Pleasure, which is slated to be headed by Quinn Wilson, former creative director for Lizzo.

The documentary is allegedly being made with the cooperation of the late painter’s estate.

This method of financing films could start a trend in Hollywood, as others use the Inflation Reduction Act to help raise funds, particularly for the indie film genre.

Maiello added, “[Fields] and I wanted to branch out and we’ve been talking about [expanding] for years. And then Biden really incentivized it. Biden saw that people can’t plan what their tax liabilities are going to be. People don’t want to take risks. And so he really opened it up with these federal tax credits and we’re combining it with Hollywood. That’s the idea.”

Former President Donald Trump recently called Travis Kelce a “Liberal,” and based on this information, it appears that he’s right.

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