The Chinese government is giving U.S. criminals the one thing they need for automatic weapons

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China and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) have made no secret of their plans for world domination.

And now, a brand-new book reveals something extremely sinister going on behind the scenes to undermine the U.S..

The Chinese government is flooding America with illegal gun parts as part of a pattern to destroy the U.S., and this book shows how they are doing it.

The Chinese government is flooding the U.S. with illegal gun parts

In a new book called Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans, author Peter Schweizer uncovers extremely dangerous activity taking place right here in America.

The author reveals how Chinese companies (which are heavily regulated by the Chinese government) are infiltrating the U.S. with parts called auto-sear switches.

Auto-sear switches are small metal devices, also referred to as “Glock switches,” that make it easy to convert a traditional handgun into a machine gun.

Those switches are illegal for most U.S. gun owners to own; however, according to Schweizer, the parts are being shipped in boxes by the “thousands” from China.

The author states that the move is part of a larger “Disintegration Warfare” strategy, which “focus on—in the Chinese leaders’ words—going after the United States’ ‘soft underbelly’ in terms of politics, economics, and the spirit and psychology of [its] people.”

This strategy is based on the ancient Chinese Strategist and General Sun Tzu’s teachings, which demonstrate how people can win a war without actually fighting, which includes undermining another country’s “national will, values, and cohesion.”

Schweizer uses leaked U.S. federal law enforcement documents in the book to show how China is attempting to provide arms to felons and criminal gangs across the U.S. using the auto sear switches.

The small devices are about the size of a penny and began arriving in the U.S. in large quantities in 2018.

Only law enforcement personnel and a select group of other people who obtain a federal license (which also requires an in-depth federal background check) may use them legally.

However, criminals purchase them illegally from China through Chinese websites that target Americans, writes Schweizer.

The book reveals that between 2019 and 2021, there was an increase of 4,200 percent in incidents involving machine gun fire.

Some of the devices are made on 3D printers in the U.S., but “the vast majority on the street” come from China and are of a much higher quality, Schweizer adds in the book.

The problem extends to Mexico

The issue is not just auto-sear switches arriving in the U.S. from China, says Schweizer. 

Many Chinese producers have also started shipping them to Mexico and smuggling them across the border into the U.S.

The switches often end up in the hands of hardened felons, gang members, and drug dealers, while some drug cartels in Mexico are starting to make the switches themselves using machines from Chinese companies.

Schweizer writes, “This is a strikingly similar replay of the Chinese government’s strategy with fentanyl: when U.S. authorities successfully began blocking shipments sent from China via mail or parcel, Chinese sellers switched to a land bridge in Mexico to continue supplying these devices to criminals in the United States. This is ‘delivery saturation around the United States,’ warned the Department of Homeland Security in an internal memo obtained by the author, with a map showing that distribution is concentrated in major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Washington, New York, and Philadelphia.”

Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans is set for release on February 27.

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