The chickens are coming home to roost as woke Hollywood braces for layoffs

Photo by Paul Deetman from Pexels

Woke Hollywood has been offending their audience for years. 

The more shrill the leftist become, the more people start to ignore them, and their viewership has been shrinking. 

Now Hollywood elites are figuring out the size of the audience matters, and they are biting their nails as this new wave of layoffs is starting to take place.

This most recent mass-firing has many in Hollywood walking on eggshells

Hollywood has suffered under far-left domination for many decades now. 

But in recent years, many in Hollywood have completely surrendered to the radical “woke” mob. 

Streaming giants such as Netflix, Disney, and others have gone to extreme lengths to force diversity everywhere they can, even if it means introducing children to inappropriate themes and topics. 

Ever since, scores of Americans have tuned out, costing these major entertainment companies millions. 

As a result, many large entertainment companies have purged their workforce, which more or less puts an end to their work. 

Most recently, streaming giant Paramount Plus announced massive layoffs, which could put their entire future in jeopardy. 

According to a report released by, “Paramount Global is proceeding with a new wave of staff reductions in February, sources tell Deadline… the cuts will impact hundreds of employees across the entire company.” 

This wave of layoffs comes just days after it was revealed that media giant Sports Illustrated has laid off its entire staff, creating serious long-term doubts about the viability of the former sports reporting magnate.

Sports Illustrated caved to the “woke” mob after making major changes to its popular Swimsuit edition, which now features transgendered, elderly, and obese models rather than attractive female supermodels as it did in the past. 

Other companies including Disney, NBCUniversal, Amazon MGM Studios, and Universal Music Group have also announced massive layoffs. 

Media experts attribute the layoffs to a number of factors, including the poor economic climate as well as lost revenues in recent years. 

Of course, the complete surrender of these media companies to the “woke” mob has only exacerbated their downfall, with many Americans turning their back on these radical far-left companies. 

Disney, in particular, has seen massive revenue losses from their surrendering to the “woke” mob. 

One movie after another has completely bombed at the box office, costing Disney untold millions of dollars. 

The bottom line is that many Americans are growing tired of the content that Hollywood is forcing down their throats, which more often than not portrays “woke” themes and characters, who many Americans have a hard time identifying with. 

Hollywood may be forced to come to terms with its “woke” brainwashing

The massive layoffs that have impacted Hollywood have caused many to speculate what might come next for media producers. 

Critics point to the large number of unoriginal remakes and spin offs, which seem to dominate nearly every streaming service. 

These programs have largely fallen flat, with consumers desiring original, non-“woke” content. 

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.