The Biden administration was just caught red-handed by the Supreme Court

Photo by Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

Democrats are so terrified that Joe Biden will lose that they are pulling out all the stops. 

That’s why they are abusing the legal system to do their dirty work by unleashing all the power of the Justice Department against Trump and his supporters. 

And this Biden official was just caught red-handed by Supreme Court Justices weaponizing the judicial branch for political purposes.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is looking to pin January 6 on Trump.

But first, the DOJ still has to work through countless Obstruction of Justice charges against January 6 defendants that have sat in jail for months or even years. 

January 6 trials

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar has been arguing in favor of long sentences for January 6 defendants, but it hasn’t gone well for her. 

Some defendants have already been released from jail on time served prior to the hearing.

She claimed that the average sentence for an obstruction charge was two years, but this was exposed as being misleading.

Independent Journalist Julie Kelly reported that “Prelogar failed to tell the whole story. Based on further analysis of the DOJ’s J6 sentencing chart, prosecutors have asked for an average of 40 months in prison in those same 55 cases. For a handful of defendants, prosecutors recommended prison terms as long as 78 months. Without judges who, for the most part, refused to acquiesce to the government’s excessive prison recommendations, a defendant convicted of 1512(c)(2) and other misdemeanors would be behind bars for over a year longer than what Prelogar represented.”

So, defendants that only received two years were given much lighter sentences than what the prosecutors were seeking. 

Biden DOJ is seeking harsh sentences for political reasons

Will Pope, a January 6 defendant, accused Prelogar of lying.

Pope wrote on social media, “The DOJ wanted me to plead to 1512 with a range of 41 to 51 months even though their own prosecutor acknowledged that I was ‘entirely peaceful’ and didn’t destroy anything. Prelogar was straight up lying to the Supreme Court during yesterday’s hearing.”

Tim Hale, another J6 defendant, wrote on social media, “My sentencing guidelines were 20 months, time served. We beat the sentencing enhancements, too. So, in order to make an example out of me for fake thought crimes I got a massive upward departure of 4 years.”

That means the Judge gave a longer sentence than from guidelines.

Hale added, “Thankfully President Trump signed the First Step Act or I wouldn’t have gotten out when I did. Not all sentences are as egregious as mine, but it’s very dishonest of the DOJ nonetheless.”

It’s clear that the Biden DOJ is looking to make an example out of January 6 protesters, while at the same time has given leftist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa a free pass. 

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