Texas boots out federal agents in a bold move to control the border

Photo by Ozzy Trevino, Public Domain via Picryl

The Biden Administration has let illegals run over our border with no repercussions.

After years of pleading with the federal government to do their job, states are questioning if they can really trust the feds to have their best interests at heart.

Now Texas has taken bold action and boots out federal agents.

The biggest issue of our lifetime

No one can deny that illegal immigration is the biggest issue our nation is facing.

Just in December alone, there were at or over 10,000 illegals crossing each and every day.

That would be 310,000 illegals in the United States in December alone, which is the size of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri.

And dozens of other issues arise when you let tens of thousands of illegals flow into the nation on a weekly basis.

Our nation’s drug addiction and deaths on hard drugs like cocaine and fentanyl are the result of drug runners smuggling these drugs across the Rio Grande.

Many hands-on jobs in the United States are being crippled with stagnant or lowered wages thanks to illegals taking jobs for a low wage.

Crime has infested towns and cities across America thanks to raging drug cartels of Mexico and Latin America that now are prominent on a street corner near you.

But even with the influx of illegal immigration and all the crime, the Biden Administration is doing everything they can to keep it going.

No one is really sure why Biden is so obsessed with flooding our nation with illegals.

And they aren’t even trying to hide their agenda of infesting our nation with waves of illegals.

The Biden Administration has been instructing Border Patrol agents to document illegals but release them into our nation with a court date years down the road.

And the majority of illegals are even getting work permits because they claim to be “asylum seekers.”

Sadly, many people think there is nothing the people or even the states can do about it.

But, thankfully, the “Don’t mess with Texas” attitude is finally making a reemergence in our nation’s largest border state.

Texas taking a stand

Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas is one of the points along the border that sees tens of thousands of illegals cross each week.

And in the past, members of the public and media have filmed Border Patrol agents welcoming illegals with water bottles instead of trying to close off the crossing point.

Well, Governor Abbott of Texas has finally had enough of the madness and has ordered his national guard to occupy the area.

And in doing so, the Texas National Guard has forced out all federal agents in the area so that Texas has full control of the situation to block illegals from entering into the United States.

They won’t even let federal agents into the area when they request entry.

But when asked about the situation, one unnamed Border Patrol official claims that this is just making matters worse.

The official told the press that, “this move only serves to raise tensions at the ground level between the State and Border Patrol agents who are bound by policy set in Washington D.C. If the number of crossings we saw in December return, we will be the first ones the State calls to deal with another humanitarian crisis of that magnitude.”

Good for Texas for finally standing up for Americans in this situation.

Hopefully the Lone Star state doesn’t cave and continues to protect at least one point of illegal entry from being flooded with illegals.

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