Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is under attack for this picture and leftists want him impeached

Photo by Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia,

Conservative Supreme Court justices are under unprecedented attack, including by leftists who tried to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh at his house.

Justice Samuel Alito is the latest Justice to get pilloried by the Left.

Now Alito is under attack for this picture and leftists want him impeached .

Media trying to scandalize Alito

Democrat-controlled media outlets are on a crusade against the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas got the bulk of the criticism, but now Samuel Alito is in the crosshairs.

The New York Times, in particular, keeps trying to smear Alito.

The Times already ran one absurd hit piece trying to frame Alito as an insurrectionist because his wife once flew an upside-down American flag at their home.

She flew the distress flag after an unhinged Democrat neighbor raged at her.

Now the “paper of record” is at it again.

The Times is claiming Alito is an insurrectionist because he flew a flag commissioned by George Washington during the Revolutionary War called the “Appeal to Heaven.”

It is also known as the Pine Tree Flag.

According to The Times, this flag – which 99.99% of Americans had never heard of before this incident – was now a symbol of the “stop the steal movement” because of an obscure pastor and one or two people waving it on January 6.

The Times reported, “This time, it was the ‘Appeal to Heaven’ flag, which, like the inverted U.S. flag, was carried by rioters at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Also known as the Pine Tree flag, it dates back to the Revolutionary War, but largely fell into obscurity until recent years and is now a symbol of support for former President Donald J. Trump, for a religious strand of the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign and for a push to remake American government in Christian terms.”

This is an example of manufacturing a scandal out of nothing.

The Times added, “On Jan. 6, the ‘Appeal to Heaven’ flag was prominent: at the Washington Monument, where throngs gathered to hear President Trump deliver a speech contesting the election results, and later above the angry mob that surrounded the Capitol. The flag was visible above clashes with law enforcement on the building’s west terrace, as rioters breached police lines underneath the scaffolding set up for President Biden’s inauguration, and finally, inside the building.”

Shameless attacks on Alito

Per The Times, the messages date back to famed 17th-century philosopher John Locke – an influential Enlightenment thinker and known as the “father of liberalism” – and stands for fighting back against tyrannical rule.

The paper added, “The phrase ‘appeal to heaven’ comes from the 17th-century philosopher John Locke, who wrote of a responsibility to rebel, even use violence, to overthrow unjust rule.”

These same leftists don’t bat an eye at the use of the “red salute” symbols—a clenched fist in the air—which represent communist revolution.

The flag is so benign that the character Ron Swanson – the libertarian ideologue played by Nick Offerman on the hit NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation – displayed it on his desk.

HBO also featured the flag in the intro to the 2008 miniseries John Adams.

Media trying to put pressure on the Supreme Court

These flag incidents at Alito’s home were one and three years ago respectively, but they are being brought up now for a specific reason.

The three New York Times reporters who worked on the piece are worried that Justice Alito will be part of a conservative majority that curtails Jack Smith’s sham January 6 case.

The Supreme Court could potentially agree with Donald Trump that the President has immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts in office.

The Times reported, “In coming weeks, the justices will rule on that case, which could scuttle some of the charges against Mr. Trump, as well as on whether he is immune from prosecution for actions he took while president. Their decisions will shape how accountable he can be held for trying to overturn the last presidential election and his chances at regaining the White House in the next one.”

The attacks on the Supreme Court from the Left are all strategic.

The Times wants to delegitimize that decision to lay the foundation for packing the Supreme Court.

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