Saturday Night Live just made one unbelievable reversal that has many on the left ready to explode

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The Left’s takeover of American culture is never more evident than when a new episode of Saturday Night Live airs.

The show that once produced comedic legends like Chris Farley, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and John Belushi has been turned into an unfunny woke disaster.

But Saturday Night Live just made one unbelievable reversal that has the woke left-wing outrage mob ready to explode.

He could’ve saved SNL from itself

A little over five years ago, Saturday Night Live executives were on the hunt for new talent to revive their show after years of failing ratings amidst the show’s obsession with woke extremism.

While scouting up-and-coming talent at the Just for Laughs comedy festival, they stumbled upon a comedian by the name of Shane Gillis and immediately offered him the chance to submit a writer’s packet as an application to become a writer on the show.

Gillis had no interest in being a writer for SNL, though – he always dreamed of being a stand-up comedian and knew that his more conservative brand of comedy wouldn’t necessarily fit well within the show’s woke writer’s room, which is also known for being a den of joke thieves.

But SNL executives knew they needed a talent like Gillis on board if they were ever going to produce a show that appealed to the 95% of the country that isn’t part of the woke left-wing outrage mob and proceeded to offer him the chance to go straight to an audition on the show’s famous main stage.

And by all accounts, Gillis proceeded to show he belonged during that audition, ultimately earning the endorsement of SNL creator Loren Michaels, who chose to send Gillis straight to cast, which rarely, if ever, happens for new SNL talent.

Of course, the only problem was that SNL hadn’t hired a real comedian in years – they’d stuck with the woke extremists within the improv scene, hence the show’s decline – causing the woke left-wing outrage mob to melt down the minute they realized Gillis wasn’t exactly “PC.”

SNL reverses course

The woke mob proceeded to “cancel” the comedian, causing Democrats’ media allies to pepper national news with stories about off-color jokes Gillis had made until SNL finally caved and fired him before he even appeared in a single episode.

“I was one of the first people to go from – I was poor, I was not famous at all, I was poor, and then I got canceled immediately,” Gillis told fellow comedian Joe Rogan during a 2021 podcast interview. “Like that was my thing – it was a very different experience. Most people who get canceled are [already famous], I got canceled immediately.”

Since his “cancellation,” though, Gillis’ popularity has exploded.

With his podcast, Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast, bringing in more subscriber revenue than any other on Patreon, his first stand-up comedy special, Shane Gillis: Live in Austin, garnering more than 23 million views, and sold-out theaters nationwide – and even internationally – Gillis has elevated himself into the top echelon of active comedians.

In fact, his popularity has increased to a level that even the woke executives at Netflix couldn’t ignore, signing him to a deal that saw his second special, Beautiful Dogs – the title of which is a reference to a quote by former President Donald Trump – hit the platform in September.

Now, in a move that has many questioning whether or not we’ve finally reached the end of the nightmare that has been the cancel culture era, Saturday Night Live is making an about-face by bringing Gillis back to host the show they fired him from less than five years ago.

Following in the footsteps of comedy legends

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time SNL has brought back a comedian they previously fired to host the show.

Legendary comedian Norm Macdonald  was fired from SNL for making fun of alleged murderer O.J. Simpson while he was a cast member on the show in the late 1990s due to the fact that NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer was a friend of Simpson’s.

But Macdonald  returned a little over a year later and proceeded to skewer NBC and the show’s executives for firing him only to bring him back to host the show after it became much worse – sound familiar?

“A year and a half ago, I had sort of a disagreement with management at NBC – I wanted to keep my job, and they felt the exact opposite,” Macdonald  said at the time. “So, you see, they fired me because they said that I wasn’t funny. Now, with most jobs, I could have had a hell of a lawsuit on my hands for that, but see, this is a comedy show – so they got me. But now, this is the weird part – it’s only been a year and half later, and now, they asked me to host the show.”

“So I wondered, I go, ‘hey, wait a second here, how did I go in a year and a half from being not funny enough to be even allowed in the building to being so funny that I’m now hosting the show? How did I suddenly get so damn funny?’” he added. “It was inexplicable to me, because a year and a half, let’s face it, is not enough time for a dude to learn how to be funny. Then it occurred to me, I haven’t gotten funny, the show has gotten really bad. So yeah, I’m funny compared to, you know, what you’ll see later.”

Macdonald  delivered that monologue nearly a quarter of a century ago, but it could very well be a snapshot of what Gillis has up his sleeve later this month.

Regardless, when he does finally make his much anticipated Saturday Night Live debut – some five years after being fired before he was even allowed to step on stage – there’s little doubt that Shane Gillis will be bringing a level of talent the SNL stage hasn’t seen since legends like Norm Macdonald  established it as a comedic institution.

And for at least one Saturday night, working class Americans will finally be able to tune into an episode of Saturday Night Live and know that they will actually laugh this time.

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