Rob Schneider’s bold conversion to Catholicism could end his Hollywood career

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One thing the leftists in Hollywood agree on, Christianity is the enemy.

But last year, Rob Schneider had a spiritual conversion, and he converted to Catholicism.

Now Schneider faces the real prospect of his career being canceled in liberal Hollywood, as well as changing the direction of the films he will now make.

“Forgiveness itself is the gift that we give ourselves because it frees us…”

Comedian and actor Rob Schneider has long been known for his raunchy humor. 

Starring in films like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Hot Chick, the comedian has focused on adult entertainment that tends to be sexually-provocative and outlandish. 

In October of last year, he shocked the world when he announced that he had converted to Catholicism. 

Claiming to be the “luckiest man in the world,” he showed gratitude for his family life and his successes in life. 

But there was one gift that he was especially happy to receive.

“At last, forgiveness itself is the gift that we give ourselves because it frees us as Christ intends for all of us to be free,” he wrote in the lengthy announcement.

Schneider went onto say that, “His gift of ultimate and unlimited forgiveness is indeed the gift for all humanity.” 

“You’re always going to be missing something if you’re led by fear”

In comments to the Christian Post, the actor described a terrible situation unfolding in Hollywood. 

Describing it as a “fear” that stops our nation’s biggest influencers to be themselves—especially for Christians. 

“I’m not speaking for all of Hollywood, but what I noticed is that there’s a fearfulness to speak the truth and to talk about what people believe in and what they want,” he said.

Schneider said that he believed that many Hollywood celebrities were hiding who they truly were because they wouldn’t be accepted in the industry. 

“I think a lot of it is self-motivated and protecting themselves. You’re always going to be missing something if you’re led by fear,” he said.

Christians and conservatives alike were pleased to hear that there would be a new advocate for their culture in the Hollywood scene. 

But some people were left wondering if he would make a necessary change in the content that he creates.

Now, Schneider is speaking out on the topic.

“I want to come to it from a place of faith…”

In a follow up interview with the Christian Post, he said that he knows that he must make a major change in the acting roles that he takes on. 

Schneider made it clear that he doesn’t “have anything against” his prior roles. 

“I did what I did, and I felt fine about it at the time. I’m not going to judge myself,” he said, but the actor won’t be doing those things anymore.

“I won’t do the same stuff I’ve done. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I want to come to it from a place of faith, a place of something good in my heart,” he said.

“I don’t know if I can tell dirty jokes anymore. I don’t know if I can,” he said. 

Instead, he said that he will begin “standing up” for what he believes in, “God, family [and] country.”

Schneider says that he won’t carry shame with his new direction, “when you have faith, nothing can really rock you.”

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