Reparation activists are going to be furious when they find out what California won’t do

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

California’s Legislative Black Caucus has been pushing for slavery reparations for years.

Leftists have been pushing this issue for years, and after the George Floyd incident and subsequent riots, some liberal politicians gave the idea some traction.

But radical reparation activists in California are going to be furious when they find out what their reparations plan does not include.

CA reparations plans won’t include payouts

When people hear the word “reparations,” they usually think of some form of monetary compensation.

But while the California Legislative Black caucus just announced a package featuring 14 “slavery reparations,” none of them include direct cash payments to slave descendants.

It’s important to note that California joined the United States as an already free state that had expressly outlawed slavery, so it technically never existed in the state, to begin with.

Assemblymember and California Legislative Black Caucus chair Lori D. Wilson said, “While many only associate direct cash payment with reparations, the true meaning of the word, to repair, involves much more. This year’s legislative package tackles a wide range of issues; from criminal justice reforms to poverty rights to education, civil rights, and food justice.”

One proposal called ACA 7 would create an exemption to the state constitution’s ban on racial discrimination or preferences in public employment, education, and contracting.

The goal of the exemptions is to allow state programs to start “increasing the life expectancy of, improving educational outcomes for, or lifting out of poverty specific groups based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, or marginalized genders, sexes, or sexual orientations.”

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber said, “The nation is waiting for us to lead. And as California always does, we will lead in addressing a delayed justice called Reparations.”

However, some lawmakers oppose the bill because they say it allows for racial preferences in jobs and college admissions.

In a statement, State Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee) said, “California Democrat lawmakers are at it again, trying to make racism legal. I strongly oppose ACA 7. Enacting racial quotas for college admissions and state jobs is simply wrong!’

Another bill in the reparations package requires “advance notification to community stakeholders prior to the closure of a grocery store in underserved or at-risk communities.”

The bill is in response to several store closures across the state due to high levels of theft and other crimes. 

And yet another bill would require the state government to “prioritize African American applicants seeking [government-issued] occupational licenses.”

Where’s the money?

The original request for cash reparations from the California Reparations Task Force wanted eligible black residents of California to receive up to $1.2 million.

However, a 2023 poll from UC Berkeley’s Institute of Government Studies found that most Californians had no desire to dole out the cash payments.

Around 60% of California voters do feel that the legacy of slavery affects its black residents, yet 59% of voters oppose giving cash payments to black residents.

That’s in comparison to 28% who support the payments, including 76% of black voters and 43% of Democrats; however, the poll found that 48% of voters said California is already doing enough or even too much to help black residents. 

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