Radical activists are going to be furious if this bill passes

Photo by GBen Schumin, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

Imagine being late to work, late to your child’s dance recital, or sitting in an ambulance with a dying loved one, only to have your car blocked by purple-haired climate protestors sitting in the middle of the highway. 

This has become the routine reality for thousands of fed-up Americans, particularly those living in Democrat-controlled parts of America. 

But radical left-wing protestors are furious as this bill may soon become a reality. 

This Senate bill could make purposefully blocking traffic a serious federal offense

Videos have gone viral over the last several years, depicting radical left-wing protestors sitting in traffic, much to the chagrin of commuters. 

Whether it be climate protestors, Hamas sympathizers, or Black Lives Matter radicals, these people believe that blocking traffic is the most effective to get their message across. 

However, any public safety official will tell you just how dangerous these actions are. 

Not only do they put the lives of the protestors at risk, but also they prevent emergency vehicles from moving, potentially putting lives at risk.  Then, of course, there are all of the commuters who could lose their jobs due to these disruptions. 

In response to the growing number of street-blocking protests, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee have proposed the Safe and Open Streets Act, which would formally ban such protests. 

In a statement, Senator Marsha Blackburn said, “Blocking major roads to stop traffic flows is nothing short of lawlessness that should not be tolerated.” 

She added, “These activists are not only intentionally creating a dangerous situation for themselves, but perhaps for a citizen who is awaiting an ambulance or a hard worker who will lose their job for being late. The Safe and Open Streets Act is critical to stopping this reckless behavior, particularly by Hamas sympathizers, in our U.S. cities.”

Cosponsor Senator Thom Tillis also released a statement, saying, “The emerging tactic of radical protestors blocking roads and stopping commerce is not only obnoxious to innocent commuters, but it’s also dangerous and will eventually get people killed. It needs to be a crime throughout the country.” 

He added, “I’m proud to introduce the Safe and Open Streets Act so radical activists who resort to these reckless and dangerous tactics are held accountable under the full weight of the law for endangering public safety.”

The reasons behind the Left’s use of highway blocking to get their point across

Ever since the hippie movement of the 1960’s, left-wing extremists have used shock tactics to get their point across. 

Highway blocking causes massive disruptions and usually makes headlines, giving their respective causes the attention they crave. 

As Tillis and Blackburn pointed out, such actions are dangerous and very harmful to society. 

Unfortunately, this seemingly commonsense bill has little to no chance of passage, as many experts believe that President Joe Biden would likely not sign the bill. 

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