People who have put up with woke NYC policies are finally leaving for this basic reason

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

The Big Apple has been drawing people to it for decades because it is where you go to prove yourself.

But the quality of life in NYC has been declining due to crime and woke ideology that has caused some people to second guess their decision.

Now people are starting to leave the Big Apple in droves, and it’s not liberal policies but because of a more basic reason.

NYC sees tens of thousands leave

The most recent Census Bureau data revealed that close to 80,000 people have left New York City just in 2023.

For many of the city’s refugees, the decision was made mostly because of massive rent increases that led them to look for places where they could live more affordably.

New York City resident Sophie Aldoh said, “Good luck to anyone trying to move [and] find an apartment. It’s not easy.”

According to realtors in the city, rent for apartments are skyrocketing as high as the double digits.

Alpha Properties’ Head Licensed Real Estate Broker, Sunny Zachi, said, “Prices are definitely up. In the last two years, I would say they went up a good 30 to 35%.”

One former resident named Olivia Mitros said she decided to leave the Big Apple and start over in the state of Georgia.

Mitros said, “I just realized, you know, there are a lot of other really large U.S. cities that I could live in, that I can have so much more just for the money I make.”

Nationwide, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,208, which is up $24 per month from 2022.

Zachi says that the COVID-19 pandemic is partially to blame for the rent spikes people are seeing across the nation.

“During that time, less and less developers built new apartment buildings. We are seeing that effect now. So there was about a quarter of what should have been built that was built in 2023,” Zachi added.

It’s not just New York City that is seeing a massive decrease in population.

Other states like California, Pennsylvania, and Illinois are also seeing people leave, while states like Arizona, Texas, and Florida are seeing an increase in new residents moving in.

Major cities are too expensive

According to New York resident Olivia Nini, the cost of living in the city is just too high now.

“I graduated college two years ago, [and] now a lot of my friends are choosing not to stay just because it’s so expensive,” she said.

A large percentage of renters are realizing their money can go further in other less expensive cities.

Ex-NYC resident Olivia Mitros said, “I lived in a fifth-floor walkup in New York. No washer and dryer, no dishwasher. Here in Atlanta, I have a two-bedroom and a washer and dryer. I live in a luxury building and I pay less.”

For those Americans who are thinking about relocating, now is the best time of year to start your search.

Zachi said that prices will start to spike and go up in price as soon as summer begins.

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