People are praying the Supreme Court will finally give them relief from this scourge

Photo by Lara Jameson from Pexels

Democrats are always going to the Supreme Court to restrict the freedom of Americans. 

But now they are begging the highest Court in the land to protect them from the destruction of their favorite liberal cities

The Supreme Court has a chance to completely remove the scourge from America’s most liberal cities.

The Wild West

When our nation was founded, the Supreme Court was meant to be the weakest branch of the federal government. 

But, thanks to Democrats and the rise of authoritarianism in the United States, the Supreme Court has transformed into arguably the most powerful branch of government. 

Over the decades, those looking to expand the power of the government and restrict individual freedoms, have gone to the courts to make their tyrannical form of government a reality. 

And thanks to their efforts, everything from your right to bear arms to a business’s ability to make a profit have been severely restricted in the name of the Constitution that is meant to protect our rights. 

But it looks like Democrats have bit off more than they can chew. 

They are used to middle America feeling the consequences of their efforts to greatly expand the power of the federal judiciary. 

Well, now the coastal elites are the victims of an all-powerful court system. 

Back in 2018, the Democrat controlled Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Martin v Boise that cities and towns throughout the Ninth Circuit could not restrict a homeless person’s access to public parks and areas as it goes against the Constitution. 

Well, since that ruling, the homeless population of the United States has been flocking to Western states. 

And now those same Democrats in towns like San Francisco are complaining, as their streets are covered with poop, drugs, and homeless people. 

Time for Democrats to taste their own medicine

In an effort to protect what is left of their civil society, Oregon is allowing cities and towns to pass “reasonable” restrictions on homelessness. 

For instance, under the new state law, a locality can require a homeless person to move their shelter every night in a public park at least 600 feet. 

Well, the homeless have been able to muster up more legal support than the average American has access, to as a handful of them, to have banned together and are suing a locality in Oregon for putting these types of restrictions on them, as they shelter in public places. 

And in a shock to no one, the Democrats of the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of the homeless. 

In one last ditch effort to save their towns and cities from being overrun by homelessness, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear Grants Pass v. Johnson.

As you can imagine, residents of Oregon are hoping that the Supreme Court will rule on the side of reason and give the ability back to localities to keep their communities safe by restricting homeless encampments. 

Time will tell what the Supreme Court decides to do, but it would be glorious if the Court simply affirmed the ruling by the Ninth Circuit so the West Coast elites would have to suffer through the craziness they brought on themselves. 

Should the homeless have a right to build their shelter in front of your house?