One of America’s most liberal cities just voted to end “progressivism”

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Even woke leftists have had enough of the rampant crime, homeless encampments, and wanton drug abuse.

While woke elected officials keep trying to cut the police and allow drug addicts to take over the streets, even the biggest leftists are tired of stepping in poop.

Now one of America’s most liberal cities just voted to end “progressivism.”

San Francisco votes to crack down on crime

Voters in San Francisco just chose to pass two measures that will strengthen policing and require recipients of cash welfare to undergo substance abuse screening.

The vote showcases a major shift in the liberal city’s policies where drug use and crime have been rising for years. 

Measure E, introduced by Mayor London Breed, will allow officers to pursue suspects of felonies and violent misdemeanors, including retail theft.

Measure F will require drug screening and treatment for anyone who receives county-administered cash welfare.

San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandelman said in a statement: “In recent years, San Francisco has earned a reputation as a destination for people who use the most toxic drugs to come here, and eventually die. I support this effort to make San Francisco the city where people are able to get sober and build a better life.”

Both measures required a simple majority to pass, and Measure E and F respectively earned 62.6% and 65.4% of voter support, according to early ballot counts.

Pre-election polling conducted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce found that both measures were supported by 61% of likely voters.

Although Breed ran as a progressive Democrat, she has embraced more policies that are tough on crime, including cracking down on open-air drug markets, hiring more police, and stopping the resale of shoplifted goods on city streets.

A headline published on the San Francisco Chronicle website read, “Progressivism is out—for now,” followed by, “Voters make it clear: S.F. can no longer be called a progressive city.”

The passing of both provisions is a win for Breed, who placed them both on the primary ballot to help tamp down crime while directly aiming at drug addiction and overdose deaths in the city.

According to Breed, she told reporters that the passage of both measures shows her administration is willing to “continue to do the work we’re doing” to help improve public safety.

The people have spoken

According to two recent polls, over two-thirds of respondents said San Francisco is on the wrong track.

One poll found that 74 percent of local voters supported the use of surveillance cameras to fight crime, and 63 percent said they supported the use of drones to follow criminal suspects.

Self-described liberal Democrat and City Supervisor Matt Dorsey said that he supports drug screenings “for people who are at wildly disproportionate risk for substance-use disorder, and, because of the era we are in with fentanyl, at wildly disproportionate risk for deadly overdoses.”

Opponents of Proposition F say that San Francisco does not have the resources to provide adequate treatment and supportive housing.

They also claim that taking away public benefits will only increase homelessness in the city and create “deadly results.”

It seems that the majority of people living in San Francisco disagree.

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