One newspaper just made this terrible attack on Donald Trump

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The media was never going to be friendly to Donald Trump since he was running as a Republican.

But what’s gone on in the last eight years is beyond the pale.

And now one newspaper just made this terrible attack on Donald Trump.

Cleveland Plain Dealer editor admits his paper won’t cover Trump fairly

Cleveland Plain Dealer Editor Chris Quinn found himself as the belle of the ball with the national media after publishing a piece claiming that since Donald Trump was a monster, a liar, and a threat to democracy, his paper would refuse to cover him fairly.

Quinn appeared on Kasie Hunt’s CNN show to discuss the piece and said he wrote it in response to letters from Trump supporters questioning why the paper would never publish a positive editorial about Trump.

“This was for them. I had to, I owed them some sort of an explanation. And the reason it was so difficult is I don’t want to demean them. I don’t want to criticize them. But I can’t stray from the truth. The truth is this guy is a monster. He’s the worst President in history and many people understand that. Those who get their news from not credible sources believe what they’re hearing,” Quinn began.

Quinn goes there and compares Trump to Hitler

Quinn did do a service for any fair-minded person by exposing himself as an unhinged lunatic when he launched into a tangent about how he read a New Yorker article describing the conditions that led to Hitler’s rise to power and warning Trump could copy that playbook.

“And that’s why I referenced that New Yorker piece in what I wrote because the New Yorker had a book review that looked back and said the reason Hitler came to the fore wasn’t because a bunch of people went and voted to have a fascist leader. It was because the people in government, in trying to get power for themselves, appeased him and that allowed him to rise,” Quinn stated.

“That’s what we have going on. Everybody knows what the truth is. The people in Congress were there. They were under threat from it. But for expedience, they’re denying it happened,” Quinn added.

Quinn also did everyone a favor by coming out and admitting the media saw its job as defeating Donald Trump.

“And so, we’re doing what we can. We’re, you know, we ask ourselves what’s the right thing to do here? The right thing to do is to call this out, not to say there’s two sides to Donald Trump. There aren’t two sides to Donald Trump. Anybody who has been watching and trying to discern what the truth is here knows that this guy tried to destroy our entire system of government and will do so again. Somebody has to say it,” Quinn concluded.

Polls show trust in the media at a record low.

Mentally unbalanced whackos like Quinn – who lost all sense of perspective because Donald Trump won the Presidency – turning news outlets into Democrat Party comms shops is a big reason why.

Do you trust the media?