Oakland, CA, just lost another business because the government refuses to punish criminals

Photo by Lisa Fotios from pexels

There will always be crime, and we accept that reality by having police, courts, and jails.

But the ultra-progressive government of Oakland, California refuses to accept that reality and decided that criminals can police themselves.

As a result, a new business has announced its plans to leave as the city turns itself over to criminals.

Oakland restaurant owner says crime is the “worst” ever

Major companies like Denny’s and In-N-Out have left Oakland, California, and the stories have made headlines in recent weeks.

But it’s not just large corporations that are closing their doors or implementing additional security measures.

A local Oakland restaurant owner recently spoke with Fox News Digital, saying that the city she’s spent nearly all of her 45 years in is now “the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

Last year, Target decided to close its downtown Oakland location after police responded to over 100 smash-and-grab thefts and similar crimes in 2023.

When In-N-Out closed, it announced that it was the first time in the company’s history that it ever had to make that kind of decision.

Denny’s also left last month, citing problems with crimes like rampant burglaries, property damage, and even armed robberies.

Big players like Blue Shield, Clorox, and Kaiser Permanente (the largest employer in Oakland) have issued warnings to employees, hired security guards, and taken other actions to keep employees safe in the city.

Restaurant owner Weyanti Ahmed said the issues demonstrate that Oakland won’t be able to thrive until some serious changes are implemented.

“It’s scary for business owners. It’s scary for even a citizen just walking down the street, It’s just not comfortable. You’re always on guard, and it’s absolutely affected my business tremendously,” Ahmed told Fox News Digital.

The business owner described a terrifying incident that took place in December when a shooting occurred near her restaurant while customers were inside.

She also said that she no longer allows her seven employees to use public transportation if they don’t have a vehicle. 

“There’s just not enough police presence in Oakland. Especially in our area, like downtown, Jack London, it’s a tourist attraction. So it only makes sense for a lot of the crimes to happen there, because they know a lot of tourists are down there,” she added.

Oakland is turning into a ghost town

Last year, a woman told local news outlet KTVU that the once-thriving Oakland district was turning into a “ghost town.”

She recalled seeing cars broken into in broad daylight while walking her dog.

“This could be a vibrant community but it ain’t right now,” said another man.

Meanwhile, Ahmed says she and other business owners nearby are doing their best to help each other, but they’re limited by what they can do.

She said she’s had to rely on delivery apps like Grubhub and DoorDash more these days since people no longer feel comfortable dining at her restaurant.

Ahmed also said she’s thought about closing her location because of how many dine-in customers she’s lost, noting that when people go to have lunch or dinner and then you “go outside and your car’s broken into,” your meal now costs significantly more.

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