New York City plans to shell out millions in the name of gender equity

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

NYC is in a deep financial hole.  Successful people are leaving, crime is rampant, and illegal immigrants are siphoning off billions.

But this will not stop woke politicians from spending money on programs in search of a problem.

It turns out that NYC is spending millions to fund “gender equity” programs that will funnel money to the LGBTQ advocates.

More than $43 million allocated to gender equity

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently unveiled a new plan called “Women Forward NYC: An Action Plan for Gender Equity.”

The plan will cost over $43 million to make the city a national leader in gender equity, which includes transgender and “gender expansive” New Yorkers.

The goal of the plan is to make New York City the most “women-forward” city in the United States.

Much of the funding came from city dollars, academic institutions, private and public partnerships, and federal grant funding.

It aims to address “gender disparities” by helping women with professional development and getting higher-paying jobs, while also “dismantling barriers to sexual, reproductive, and chronic health care” and more.

The program will help with housing services, including for formerly incarcerated women and domestic and gender-based violence survivors.

Citizens can now visit a new website called, which explains the new action plan in detail and provides information and access to city services for women and families.

“As a child, my mother worked three jobs just to make ends meet, and for too long, women like her have been left behind, failed by systems that pay women less than their counterparts, overlook and even dimmish their health needs, and neglect their safety. This plan builds on our administration’s existing efforts by creating a clear path to holistically and comprehensively address the inequities women face today. New York City leads the nation in many ways — now, it’s time we lead on gender equity and take the steps to make this the most women-forward city in America,” said Adams.

Part of the funding will give the Girl Scouts of Greater New York Troop 6000 financial literacy training, and $10 will go to each girl to help them start a bank account.

It will also expand “career opportunity programs” for New York Housing Authority residents who want to start their own food or childcare business and will provide additional funding for the Abortion Access Hub hotline and medication abortion services.

Money for LGBTQ and nonbinary New Yorkers

The Women Forward NYC initiative doesn’t just help citizens who are born women.

It also plans to create and strengthen initiatives designed to reduce violence toward women, “particularly LGBTQ+ women, nonbinary New Yorkers, and women of color.”

The goal is to help prevent violence while supporting survivors and give services to low-income families, including providing personal security devices and resources to help keep them safe in their homes.

Funding will also go to “support services and housing assistance targeted directly to formerly incarcerated women.”

Unsurprisingly, the initiative is met with heaps of praise from progressive city leaders, but it’s not likely that most average New Yorkers will be happy about the extra expenses while their city continues to deteriorate at the hands of hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.

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