New York City Mayor Eric Adams is sweating bullets after the FBI just raided this shopping mall linked to his campaign contributions

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The Mayor of New York City has been having a rough time with crime rampant in his city thanks to his pro-crime policies and a flood of illegal aliens threatening to bankrupt the city.

But apart from the problems facing the city, Adams himself is under the gun over some troubling issues relating to how he raised money for his campaign.

Now New York City Mayor Eric Adams is really sweating bullets after the FBI raided a shopping mall that might be at the center of investigation into illegal campaign contributions.

FBI raids homes and shopping mall in New York City

Last week, the FBI raided two Bronx homes that belong to Winnie Greco, Eric Adams’ director of Asian affairs.

They also raided another location called The New World Mall, a popular spot in Queens where food fans flock to enjoy an assortment of Asian culinary delights.

The former department store is now home to a food court that sells Asian food, a large J Mart Supermarket, and a grand banquet hall called the Royal Queen. where Adams is a frequent guest.

New York City has been investigating campaign contributions and fundraising events for Adams’ 2021 mayoral run tied to the mall.

Meanwhile, Greco is the subject of a probe by the city’s Department of Investigation because she was a steady presence there.

According to campaign filings, there were 121 contributions of around $249 each made by workers at the J Mart Supermarket and other businesses in the building.

Some people who were listed as donors stated on the record that they did not make the donations that were attached to their names or that they were reimbursed.

New York state law says it is illegal to make straw donations like this to a campaign.

Evan Thies, a spokesperson for Adams, said, “The campaign always diligently follows all laws and rules on the collection of contributions, and also explicitly instructs campaign staff, volunteers, and contributors how to follow the laws.”

Even more shocking is that of over 100 donors who showed as being employees of the New World Mall, just seven were registered voters in New York.

Lian Wu Shao, chairman of the mall, held a “barbecue fundraiser” in August 2021, logging $54,828 from 231 contributors.

Many of those contributors were listed as J-mart cashiers and other low-wage workers at the New World Mall.

One person on the event’s donor list, a woman identified as a restaurant delivery person, said that she never donated to the campaign.

Another mall employee said she was asked to write a check for Adams at her workplace and was paid back in cash.

The bulk of the donations were $249 or $250, and the campaign submitted the donation records to try and receive over $364,000 in public matching funds.

What about Winnie Greco?

According to sources, Winnie Greco worked from an office inside the New World Mall for months from an Adams campaign office.

A former aide said that Greco also worked with Adams at a separate office nearby from June to October 2021 owned by Tian Ji Li.

Just one single payment of $1,800 was made to pay for the rent on that space during the aforementioned timeframe.

Adams also frequented the Royal Queen banquet hall at the mall during his campaign.

The campaign reported spending $50,093 at the banquet hall on eight separate events between 2018 and 2021, most of which was spent on fundraising.

An Adams event at the Royal Queen held on April 18, 2021, raised almost $36,000, with most of the contributions being $249 apiece. 

Donors from that event were also listed as being cashiers or waitresses who worked at different businesses in the building.

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